Stefano Domenicali: "I Want a Hat-Trick of One-Two's For Ferrari"

Adam PooleAnalyst ISeptember 30, 2008

Three races left in this year's Formula 1 calendar, and Ferrari boss, Stefano Domenicali, wants Ferrari one-two's in all of them.

After a disastrous Singapore Grand-Prix for Ferrari, Felipe Massa only finished 13th thanks to a pit calamity, a penalty, a puncture, and a spin. Lewis Hamilton is now leading the championship by seven points, which means he can still come second to Massa in the last trio of races and walk away with the championship.

Talking about the remaining three races, the Ferrari boss said "The objective that we have is clear: we have three races to go, we will approach the last three races aware that we need to finish first and second every time."

When asked about last weekend's race, Stefano said, "The team is very strong; unfortunately you have the moments such as this Sunday but after two hours we were already motivated and looking forward to going to Japan to attack again."

One of the main causes for the pit-lane disaster was the traffic light system which relies on each mechanic to press a "ready button" when they have completed their task.  Once every mechanic, including the re-fueler, has pressed their button, a green light appears and the driver is released. 

After this disaster, which saw the fuel hose ripped from the tanker and taken down the 240m pit-lane, the Ferrari team reverted to the original "lolly-pop" system.  Domenicali has said they haven't made any decisions regarding the future of the traffic light system.