Justin's Weekly Brain Seepage: Week Six

Justin Goar@@tigertangentsSenior Writer ISeptember 30, 2008

“I’m not drunk—I’m just tired from being up all day drinking…”


The good news for LSU fans is simple: The Tigers remain in the Top Five after beating an inferior opponent in a workmanlike manner.


The bad news: The Tigers didn’t look great doing it.


Keep in mind that the Bulldogs of Mississippi State were never really a threat in the game, and a late MSU touchdown made the score closer than the actual game was. But a sluggish Tiger team only beat State by 10 points in a series where LSU usually beats the Bulldogs by five scores.


Some untimely turnovers didn’t hurt LSU in the win-loss column in this game but might later in the season.


The Tigers will take on Florida at 8 pm EST on Oct. 11 on CBS. Last year’s game was epic and was probably lost in the shuffle of the Tigers playing in so many exciting games last season. No game last year was tougher than Florida for LSU, and I’d be willing to say vice versa.




Cheer up, you guys act like this was a motherf%$#ing funeral…


Anyone afraid of Bama yet?


Maybe “afraid” is too strong of a word.


I’m afraid of prison. I’m afraid of zipping my fly and not being totally “out of the way.” I’m afraid of maybe one day having a teenage daughter.


But I’m not afraid of Alabama.


How about “concerned”? Is that a better word?


Yeah, maybe that’s it. I’m mildly concerned, like I am about that mole on my head that I really need to get checked out or about that chili I had for lunch that “is not sitting well.”


What about “respect but fear”? You know, like with electricity or 25-foot-long snakes.


As an LSU fan, I have to respect the performance of Nick Saban’s crew as they absolutely rolled over Georgia in Athens.


And the first thing I thought was, “Uh-oh, what does Bama’s schedule look like the rest of the year?”


Meaning I know right now that LSU has two potential losses against Georgia and Florida, plus two potential letdown games against South Carolina and Ole Miss. And that’s before we talk about the meeting between Alabama and LSU in Baton Rouge.


That’s five games where the outcome is up in the air for LSU. What about Alabama? Given the way they are playing now, how many games do they have like that?


If LSU is one, you would think maybe Kentucky could be a potential letdown game along with Ole Miss. But is Bama going to drop a game to Mississippi State this year? Tennessee? Probably not.


The Iron Bowl is beginning to look even better for the Tide. How many potential losses is that? Two?


Alabama made a major stride toward winning the SEC West in September by winning a game they were expected to drop in the preseason. It looks like this team will go as far as John Parker Wilson will take them.


How tough is their remaining road? It doesn’t look so tough all of a sudden.


Heck, let’s say LSU beats Alabama in November but drops the Florida, Georgia, and either South Carolina or Ole Miss games. For those of you that say LSU would never lose to South Carolina or Ole Miss, might I refer you to last season.


Will Alabama lose more than two SEC games this year?


And I don’t even want to think about some beyondo world scenario where Vanderbilt gets in from the East and Bama cakewalks to an SEC title and maybe a National Title shot.


So listen up—Bama’s for real. They cannot be stopped, and LSU fans must consider the possibility that even if they beat Bama, the Tide could still be rolling to Atlanta in December.


The 2008 season is over for all intents and purposes. Roll Tide Roll!


I mean there is no way, I mean NO WAY that Alabama loses this weekend to Kentucky. That’s impossible. That’s just not gonna happen.


Or am I just writing all this in hopes to jinx the Tide? Hmmmmm...would I do that?




Ridiculously hard as pie…


In honor of USC coach Pete Carroll, who said after the Oregon State game that the Pac-10 is “ridiculously hard.” Here’s a top 10 list of other things I find “ridiculously hard”:


10) Dunking on a six-foot goal using a trampoline.


9) Playing hide and go seek with my dog.


8) Finding a Clemson fan willing to pack Tommy Bowden’s bags.


7) Saving money on my car insurance by switching to Geico.


6) Counting all the Pac-10 teams in the Top 25.


5) Following the directions on the side of a “Pop Tarts” box.


4) A-B-C, which in fact is also just as ridiculously hard as 1-2-3.


3) Playing dodge ball with first graders. Blind first graders.


2) A Sunday morning.


1) Finding a guy willing to go on a date with Erin Andrews.


Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Alabama’s opponent in the 2008 BCS Championship Game: the USC Trojans. Think I’m kidding? I’m kind of hard to read today, eh?


Uh, actually don’t answer that.




Therapeutic ravings I should probably keep to myself...


* OK, can we stop all the “blackout” talk in Athens? You actually have to show up to play in those black jerseys you wear. It’s foolish to think some gimmick can win a football game. But since you like them so much, feel free to wear them in Baton Rouge on the 25th. We wear white at home. But only because we play better when we wear white...and also when we play at night.


* Kentucky, if y’all want a shot to upset Alabama, try getting an early lead. Saban loves to play with a lead, and this year it shows. Want to guess the number of times Bama has been behind this season? I’ll give you a hint: It’s the same number of times you’ve gone out on a date with Erin Andrews.


* All you peeps who thought this year would be a more “normal” year than last season, I humbly submit to you the events of this past weekend. 2008 is just 2007’s late blooming cousin. If I were you, I’d make sure to keep your hands and feet inside the ride while it is in motion.




A meeting of the minds...


The Bleacher Report is a wonderful site and allows us all to talk about the sports we love. It’s really a great thing when we get to meet other Bleacher Creatures face to face. This week, before the Mississippi State game, I got to meet fellow college football writer Brian Scott, who stopped by our tailgate.


I have to say that I can’t really vouch for my own sobriety at the moment of our meeting. Sorry about that, Bri. But it was fun to talk some football before the game. At least I think that’s what we talked about. Sorry about that, Bri.


Brian is a great contributor to the SEC and LSU community here on B/R. He let me know that he plans to make his return to Bleacher Report really soon.


Luckily for me, my wife has managed to squeeze two baby showers into one weekend (LSU bye week and all). I’ll get to watch college football all day Saturday, in exchange for painting all day Sunday. I took that deal pretty quickly.


Have a safe week everyone!


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