Twins will have to earn it in Chicago

Josh JohnsonCorrespondent ISeptember 30, 2008
“Tomorrow, 162 games mean nothing. It’s only about one game and that’s great. A good feeling.” - White Sox Manager Ozzie Guillen
“I told Ozzie to have confidence in me. I’m going to go out and get these runners home somehow,” he said.
Like I said, a meatball!
  • Make sure to check out Seth Stohs latest podcast. Last night he had ex-Twins and current Rays reliever Grant Balfour on as well as myself. Let me just say that I ungracefully made myself sound like I was in fact hyped-up on NyQuil, which may be true, but not what I wanted listeners to hear. Still, make sure to check out the interview with Balfour as he talks about the Rays and the upcoming series against either the Twins or White Sox. Seth continues to do an acceptable job with these podcast's so make sure to tune in.