Son, the Team's Name Is Called Juventus Not Who-Ventus!

Saed KhatibContributor IMarch 14, 2011

This article constitutes of a dialogue my son and I might have in 20 years.

Son: Dad, I was playing with Milan in Championship Manager 2033, and I faced a club, I think it's called who-ventus or something like that, in the quarterfinal of Coppa Italia, and they actually managed to beat me at the San Siro!

Dad: Son.. Juventus used to beat Milan, Roma, Napoli and Internazionale just for the fun of it. Back in the day, Juventus were the pride of Italy; they're the old lady after all.

Son: The old what? They were a famous team?

Dad: Stop irritating me you infant, I'm actually ashamed of you. Have you no knowledge of the history of football? Juventus is the greatest team in Italy. Its feats and accolades speak on their behalf, all of Europe's great teams used to fear the Bianconeri! They have won 29 league titles, nine Coppa Italia, four Supercoppa Italiana, two UEFA Champion's League titles, three UEFA Cups, two Intercontinental Cups, two UEFA Super Cups and many more. 

Son: So what happened to them? What resulted in their downfall and obscurity?

Dad: None other than the shame of Italy, Internazionale, of course! Now I'm not sure what the team has to do with Italy, they're an embassy of South American players, but they're unfortunately located in the country.

Son: What did Internazionale do?

Dad: I'm going to teach you a life lesson right now.

There are several paths you can choose to take that might help you reach success. You can either be born great, be a hard worker, or as in Internazionale's case, know how to frame people and reach success through other's downfalls.

Son: How bad did they frame them?

Dad: They just framed them with bribing referees to help them win games. What's ironic is that they didn't have any clear evidence to support their accusations, but in Italy, the judicial system sucks I guess. The scandal, known as Calciopoli resulted in Juve's demotion to Serie B and a deduction of points from Milan, so basically Internazionale had no competition whatsoever in their pursuit for the Scudetto.

It's a very long story, I'm sick of it. How Juve's VP back then, L. Moggi, left and let idiots, who didn't know how to invest shrewdly with the club's money at all, run the team.

Tens of millions of fans supported Juve back then. Even with all the misfortune there are millions of loyal fans who will forever root for them.

Son: Remind me of the team's name dad.

Dad: Never ask me this question again.. 

Son, the Team's Name Is Called Juventus Not Who-Ventus!