NFL Draft 2011: Latest Draft News and Rumors for Every AFC Team

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NFL Draft 2011: Latest Draft News and Rumors for Every AFC Team
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The 2011 NFL Draft is approaching. Even with the lockout and whatever happens in the next few weeks and months, the NFL Draft is still going to happen.

Teams will be looking more than ever at the draft as a way to improve their teams.

Once a new CBA is signed, or if the courts decide to make the 2011 season happen, free agency and trading players could be affected in ways no one knows.

Teams can only prepare for the upcoming season in very limited ways right now.

Since the draft is the only thing that is certain at the moment, teams will be looking to hit home runs with every pick. Having a bad draft is just not an option.

Starting with the AFC, we are going to go through the teams, looking at the rumors and talking about what each team might do.

Some of these debates will be livelier than others, and everyone's opinion right now is just that, an opinion.

Your guess is as good as mine, absent being in the teams' facilities.

So, have fun with it and thanks for stopping by.

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