WWE: 10 Questions That Wrestling Has Never Answered

Cec Van GaliniAnalyst IIIMarch 15, 2011

WWE: 10 Questions That Wrestling Has Never Answered

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    It is sometimes the fault of creative. It is sometimes the need for secrecy. Sometimes we are just left in the dark as why some decisions are taken in the cartoon world of wrestling.

    There are many moments that seemingly lack clarity or continuity, leaving wrestling fans scratching their heads in wonder as to exactly why they are watching what unfolds.

    Even in recent weeks, there are examples that I question. For instance, why did Michael Cole interrupt a perfectly good Diva's match, or why Cena and Miz won the tag belts only to drop them ten minutes later. In the latter's case, there has been no mention of their victory and subsequent defeat, leaving us asking, why did they do it in the first place?

    This slideshow looks at ten questions that wrestling has never properly addressed for the fans. Sometimes trivial, sometimes controversial, all as yet unanswered.


Who Kidnapped Samoa Joe?

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    Arguably one of the stupidest storylines so far from TNA, in so much that they never explained who kidnapped Samoa Joe. It could very well have meant to have been the Band before their release, but nothing has ever been explained.

    Joe is either so traumatised, or is lying in wait. Or TNA has just forgotten the angle. Either way, the chant should ring out in Impact zone....

    "Where Joe Where?"

Who Exactly Knew About Montreal?

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    Vince McMahon, Shawn Michaels, Gerry Brisco, Paul Levesque, Earl Hebner, Jim Ross, Jim Cornette. Confirmed by many. Did Pat Patterson know? Did senior management? Did senior wrestlers?

    Questions continue to be asked as to who knew what, and with all conspiracies, reports seemingly conflict to the point of confusion.

    And yet one of wrestling's most infamous creative moments has many questions unanswered. Who exactly was involved, and in some instances when did they know? Some say Earl Hebner only found out 10 minutes prior to the match, others say he was involved from the start.

    It may have largely passed into the annals of history, but questions remain.

Where Is Randy Savage?

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    Many theories exist on this one. And probably the most likely is his doubleturn in 1996, when many expected him to return to the WWE. The so called "mystery partner" never materialised and Savage continued in the nWo dominated WCW.

    Wrestling knows how to keep grudges, thus Savage's absence from WWE screens can be easily understood, but it remains uncertain as to why. Reports are varied and are well known, but what is the real reason?

    The Hall of Fame is long overdue for this man, this we can all agree. What we cannot understand, however, is why he has failed to take his place in wrestling immortality. 

What Role Did Randy Orton Really Play in Getting Ken Anderson Sacked?

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    Backstage politics in wrestling is nothing new. Almost everyone has been accused along the way, and there have been some notable examples. Even legends like Hulk Hogan and Shawn Michaels are not immune from criticism. How is today's generation playing this game?

    Well for some, Randy Orton has the power over many. Some say he had a direct role in the sacking of Ken Anderson. The same people will argue he squashed the rise of Kofi Kingston. Are these reports are true?

    And furthermore, if we are accepting of the aforementioned, where does Randy get his supposed power from? Why does the WWE seemingly gives so much power to one young star, and not to another?

Is There Really a Raw General Manager?

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    Internet favourite here. Is there a justifiable and recognisable Raw GM? The months have come and gone, and we are still none the wiser on who the boss is on the WWE's flagship programme. Clues have been given, suggestions have been made and yet nothing has materialised.

    On many occasions, the statements made from the laptop have been contradictory. Is it simply a case that the GM has no face and is merely a tool of Michael Cole's heel push?

    It could very well be a case of the laptop being disconnected one day, and no-one being any the wiser.

Is the Use of Drugs Still Prominant in the WWE Via Micro-Dosing?

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    WWE superstars are in peak physical conditioning. At least on the outside.

    The use of drugs in pro-wrestling is no secret, but the questions remain about how these superstars are able to maintain this level of fitness month after month, on what is a gruelling schedule.

    Many superstars have lost some of their bulk in recent times. This begs the question whether they are using micro-dosing to maintain their strength, painkillers to elevate aches and pains and diet supplements to keep off the weight that a wrestling lifestyle is sure to put on.

    The uncontrolled nature of wrestling is a dangerous one and even with the Wellness Programme, it is clear that it will take years for wrestling to rid itself of this evil.

    Are wrestlers really now clean?

What Was the Prime Reason for Mickie James's Release from the WWE?

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    Reports coming out of Connecticut highlight a range of issues relating to Mickie James, from backstage arrogance to romantic affairs to her music career.

    Attempted relationships with Batista, Randy Orton and John Cena have been mooted as insider reasons for her sudden departure. But so too has her music.

    So what ultimately caused the sacking of one of the WWE's most popular Divas?

Why Has Jim Ross Been Axed from Our Screens?

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    He wants to return. Shawn Michaels wanted him to return to call his final match. And yet no return as yet. Rumours persist that with the Cole/Lawler match at WrestleMania, that he could at least play a part, but it remains to be seen.

    Ross did make a one night return recently, but will he ever make a full-time return to our television screens?

    For many, he is the voice of wrestling, and for him to be on the sidelines just doesn't make sense. There are health concerns to consider, but surely the only person who knows his condition is JR himself.

    JR and Vince McMahon have had a strained relationship at times, so is it simply a case of the boss removing him, or are there other factors?

Did Shawn Michaels Really Lose His Smile?

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    Long before he became the mature and respected legend, Shawn Michaels had a bit of an immature attitude. In a recent article, many people still believe it counts against his amazing career. Whether he had a legitimate knee injury that required him to contemplate retirement, or whether he simply wanted to avoid losing to Bret Hart remains to be seen.

    Shawn, as part of the Klique, had strong booking power and its no coincidence that each member was heavily involved in the World title picture, including Shawn, Kevin Nash and Triple H. The one member that never won the belt, Scott Hall was tipped to challenge before his departure to WCW.

    The infamous speech about finding his smile remains an area of contention for wrestling fans; did he really drop the belt due to his injury or was it a convenient excuse?

How Much Does Vince McMahon Know About Drug Use?

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    The steroid trials of the mid-1990s shocked pro-wrestling to its very core. Almost overnight, wrestling went from mainstream family fun to dark and seedy. The sight of a neck-braced Vince McMahon arriving at court remains one of the most infamous images in wrestling history.

    We all know the tragic stories in wrestling. The long list of wrestlers who have died before their time. Drugs remains an epidemic with long term consequences. Even if a Wellness Programme is legitimately created and enforced to the letter, those wrestlers that have abused drugs for decades, remain at risk of severe health risks.

    Even today's generation have had their fair share of drug problems. The question remains as to whether WWE management knows or knew about these abuses. In a travelling world, little must be secret, and yet reports suggest that wrestlers are abusing drugs and no-one sees it.

    The drugs involved do not only include steroids but also, and perhaps more critically, painkillers. The use and abuse of these drugs has to be known, but the question remains, how much does the WWE know?


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    Secrets are part and parcel of wrestling. Sometimes they are the result of creative changes that have no answer. Sometimes they are in the interests of the business, never to be revealed. It remains part of the negative side of pro-wrestling that these dark and sometimes seedy questions prevail.

    The presence of drugs remain the most controversial problem because it should not be part of everyday wrestling. Who is responsible for this? We need to know if the same people are at fault, and whether wrestling continues to have a culture of drug use and abuse.

    What other questions remain unanswered? What creative lines were never finished? What do you, the internet wrestling community, want answered?

    Be sure to leave your questions in the feedback section, and we can then see if we can answer the unanswerable.

    Hope you enjoyed this slideshow presentation.