I Still Can't Believe This

Bleacher Report Senior Analyst ISeptember 29, 2008

If you weren't in love with this team before, there's absolutely no way you can't be in love with them now. I'm watching the FSN broadcast of the postseason rally, and this is incredible.

Now, I have no idea how this team is going to do in the playoffs, but I couldn't be more excited for the rise.

From Salomon Torres playing to the crowd, to Mike Cameron admitting he came here because we knocked his Padres out of the playoffs, to Jason Kendall getting applause because he said he drank a couple of beers today, watching this postseason send-off has been absolutely surreal.

Not to mention, Robin Yount just admitted he was hungover.

Some things I wanted to pass along, as the Brewers board the plane to Philadelphia:

Haudricourt looks at the potential 25-man roster for the playoffs.

It appears Yovani Gallardo is going to get the start for Game One on Wednesday afternoon, which Sveum confirmed on the FSN broadcast. CC Sabathia said at the rally he'd be ready to go on Thursday, which would again be just three days rest. Still no official word, however.

If you still haven't heard Uecker's call, just follow the first link over at the Daily Drink.

Brian Anderson will stay with the Brewers for the call on TBS. Good luck trying to appear neutral, Brian.

Here's the schedule for the series against the Phillies (all games on TBS):

Wed Oct. 1 - @ Philadelphia - 2 PM

Thur Oct. 2 - @ Philadelphia - 5 PM

Sat Oct. 4 - @ Milwaukee - 5 PM

Sun Oct. 5 - @ Milwaukee - TBA, if necessary

Tue Oct. 7 - @ Philadelphia - TBA, if necessary

I still can't believe this, really. Stay with The Bucky Channel all week for Brewers news and insight. We'll have our final TBC Player of the Game standings up shortly and more updates when we get them.

Also, we'll be at the weekend games, so hopefully I'll be able to pop some pictures up here Sunday night. We'll be tailgating for sure, so make sure you find us, and we'll share a brew.