Humor: Why Manchester United Is the Greatest Club In the World

Dev AshishAnalyst ISeptember 29, 2008

This article was previously published on another forum, I just copy pasted it but hey,it suits the need of the hour at B/R. We got to learn to take jokes on ourselves and learning starts at home. Hope you all have a good laugh! Sorry about copy pasting but I suck at humor!

Our best players are better than your best players.

Our mediocre players are more mediocre than your mediocre players.

Our crap players are more crap than your crap players.

Our most experienced players are more experienced than your most experienced players.

Our most psychedelically coloured players are more psychedelically coloured than your psychedelically coloured players.

Our most gangster players are more gangster than your most gangster players.

Our good looking players are better looking than your good looking players.

Our ugly players are uglier than your ugly players.

Our loved-by-our-fans-hated-by-everyone-else players are loved more by our fans and hated more by everyone else, than your loved-by-our-fans-hated-by-everyone-else players.

Our injury prone player is more injury prone than your injury prone player.

Our best ever season was better than your best ever season.

Our utility player is utilised more than your utility player.

Our celebrity fans are more celebrated than your celebrity fans.

Our alien player is more alien than your alien player.

Our transfer successes are more successful than your transfer successes.

Our transfers flops flop harder than your transfer flops.

Our unwanted foreign owners are more unwanted than your unwanted foreign owners.

Our absurd excuses for poor performance are more absurd than your excuses for poor performance.

Our French lunatic is more insane than your French lunatic.

Our legends who have have their own hairstyles named after them have more of a hair legacy than your legends who have their own hairstyles named after them.

Our dead ex-players are more revered than your dead ex-players.

Our ex-assistant managers are less successful than you ex-assistant managers.

Our glory seeking bit-part players are more glorious than your glory seeking bit-part players.

Our goals conceded aren't as conceded as your goals conceded.

Our over-priced because they're English players are more overpriced than your over-priced because they're English players.

Our horse-face strikers are more equine than your horse-face strikers.

Our random foreign players with names that would get ridiculously high scrabble scores have names that would get ridiculously higher scrabble scores than your random foreign players with names that would get ridiculously high scrabble scores.

Our angry protests to the referee are more angry than your angry protests to the ref.


Now beat that, ********s!