The basic difference between Arsenal and Man U

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The basic difference between Arsenal and Man U
I'll admit it. The Hull loss has hit me really hard. It's hard to stomach. So much so that I've avoided any Arsenal news and therefore have had nothing to write about the last couple of days.

Was chatting to an Arsenal mate prior to writing this, who was less perturbed by Saturdays goings on, less perturbed than yours truly at least. He almost brushed it away- (like the Fulham result) another bad day at the office for Arsenal. But I beg to differ. The Fulham result could probably be dismissed in this manner, but not two defeats in six games. One of the primary reasons for my friends naivete attitude was that Manchester United lost early on in the season last time round and still ended up champions.

This brings me to my whole point of mentioning this conversation. Man U have the attitude and the resilience to come back from setbacks which we do not quite have. Even if we do have the 'bounce backability' more than past seasons probably it cannot be compared to the (now) second best team in Manchester. Arsenal plays wonderful football, easy on the eye and probably the most entertaining.

We perform really well when we get a string of great results going, and then we build from there. Usually it takes one bad result to set us back. Granted that we did bounce back really well after the Fulham game, but it still cannot be compared to the resolve that Manchester United has. That unshakebale resolve, I believe is largely down to their Manager Alex Ferguson. He instills such drive in them and this is where he excels most. This is also where our own Gaffer falls short a bit. That is also why I think that with Ferguson gone they will fail to be as successful as they have been in recent times. Wenger has his own methods and am, not talking them down, not at all.

That is why I think while Manure can bounce back, we can't, not quite. This is the strongest difference in my opinion between us and the Manky Shite. Maybe a lack of experience counts too and should be permissible when discussing this issue.

This doesn't mean that the Arsenal can't bounce back from here, for my sake and Arsenal fans everywhere I really hope they do. What it does mean is that Arsenal and Manchester United follow different principles, and what can be applied to them cannot be applied to them.

I don't know if The Arsenal will ever have steel like that, maybe it's not quite our way, it's not something we absolutely depend on. But some resolve to the present team could make all the difference. Once this is done, consistency will be a by product.

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