Robbie Keane or Dimitar Berbatov.. who will succeed?

sam naikContributor ISeptember 29, 2008

Robbie Keane and Dimitar Berbabtov, Tottenham Hotspurs super strike duo, both departed from Spurs with Keane moving to Liverpool and Berbatov moving to Man Utd.  Manchester United payed 31.2 Million Pounds for Berba and is teamed up with Rooney, Tevez ,and Ronaldo in attack which is mouthwatering to say the least. Keane Joined his club that he has supported since he was a young boy and teams up with Fernando Torres one of the most lethal strikers in the world, being the top goal scorer for a foreigner in his first season of the English premiership.

Keane and Bertbatov both clinical finishers in front of goal finished with an equal number of goals last season for spurs and will hopefully continue their great from in their respective teams. The one question that floats in my mind constantly is Who is the better striker out of the two?? Is there really a 10 million gap between the two strikers. From what iv seen Keane has been one of the best strikers in the premiership in recent years and Berbatov in the two seasons that he has been here has been wonderful.. but do you think that Berbatovs price tag shows his class over Keane or was it just matter of meeting Spurs demands?? Judging from the Liverpool vs Man utd game who do you think was brighter in that specific game. Berba assisted in man utds goal while Robbies workrate was incredible.

I would like to know from all fans who they think got the better buy or was it a matter of meeting Spurs demands. Personally i believe that Keane and Berba are on par but thats just my opinion.

The season has kicked of with Robbie Keane still waiting for his 1st goal for Liverpool , as well as Dimitar Berbatov. They have both assisted in goals and look part the team they joined but will they be as good as they were at Spurs??