The Anonymity of a True Wrestling Prodigy: Why Melina Isn't Being Used Correctly

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The Anonymity of a True Wrestling Prodigy: Why Melina Isn't Being Used Correctly

Every once in a while there comes an exceptional talent that graces us with their presence in this wacky world of wrestling. But it's not every once in a while that a talent of that caliber enters the even wackier world of Women's Wrestling.

It just so happens that the talent I'm speaking of is none other than the recently turned Melina. Melina is the total package as far as it comes to being a wrestler. And even more so when it comes to being a WWE "Diva!" She has epitomized that word for her entire WWE career and is one of the only women that represents "Sexy, Smart, and Powerful" to the fullest.

Her unbridled passion for the biz and unique persona are only two of the things that have made her the star we recognize today. Very few women can say they've accomplished what Melina has, and even fewer can say they've done so while battling with WWE management to be taken seriously.

Unlike people like The Undertaker, Triple H, and John Cena, Melina has never had the opportunity to be marketed for her position in WWE. She's had to fight, scratch and claw her way to get a quarter of recognition those men have. Still, it's that type of tenacity that has made Melina the best female wrestler in the world today.

That's right, I said it! Melina is the best women's wrestler out there, and it's not just Bret Hart and me who think so. There are many people who put Melina in the conversation for best female wrestler and rightfully so! The WWE is clearly misusing her, and as far as I'm concerned, there are 10 things that make Melina the best. Here they are:

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