Letter to Dwight Howard: A Few Words of Support from Real Magic Fans

Robert ReinholdContributor IMarch 12, 2011

Real Magic fans still have your back Dwight.
Real Magic fans still have your back Dwight.Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Dear Dwight Howard aka Orlando's favorite son,

There have been some mumblings and rumors, all of which are untrue and unfair, about your on court behavior and future with the Orlando Magic.

Be it from local members of the media blaming you for your supposed lack of composure on the court, or members of national media outlets and other sources conjuring up false reports of you're wanting to leave for other cities.

Let it be known right now that real Orlando Magic fans are not buying any of these false accusations and rumors, and are here to show their support by believing in your ability and the ability of the team to win Orlando an NBA title.

First, the lack of support from certain members of the local media and blaming you for the pounding you take from opponents and lack of protection you receive from the NBA and it's referees.

These media members, one local newspaper beat writer in particular (to remain unnamed), clearly are not a real Magic fans. They are people who didn't take their job to show support for their team and community they work within, but rather to try to make a name for themselves with catchy headlines and shoddy writing.

For instance, instead of looking at the physical beating you take every night, the amount fouls you absorb, and the fact that your composure has been fine for 97% of those fouls, the focus is on the three percent of the time you show your frustration and get, in many instances unfairly, called for a technical foul.

No true supporter of the the Magic will ever blame you for the consequences of the actions of NBA referees and David Stern's lack of respect for big men, or accuse you of not having composure on the court. 

As real Magic fans, we support your right to gripe about the unfair treatment you receive, and agree with coach Van Gundy that you are in control of your on court composure.

Secondly, any rumor or speculation about your future a year and a half from now just doesn't matter to real Magic fans.

The media outlets, especially those of the markets who hope to pursue you during free agency and those of national prowess, are trying to make a story where there is none.

It's not because we don't believe that you will test the free agency market, that is how the system works, but rather because the possibility of this happening is not for at least another 16 months.

As real Magic fans, we certainly hope that when the time comes you choose to stay, but we also realize that decision is far into the future and the present is what is most important.

The only thing that really matters is the current season and our belief in you, and that with you as our anchor for this year and next, the Magic still can bring home an NBA title.

This season, more than any in the past, has seen it's share of ups and downs, whole sale trades, suspensions, etc.

The critics, both local and national, may be trying to bombard you with unfair and untrue accusations and rumors, but real Magic fans are here to show their support for you.

We have loved every minute of having you be a part of our team and community, and we will continue to enjoy the next, at least, year and a half.

While the future may be uncertain, there is still much hope and promise for the present, because with you here right now, real Magic fans will always Believe.



Real Orlando Magic Fans

P.S. The Magic are under the radar once again, let's do what we did in 2009 and shock the Eastern Conference and hopefully the NBA.