Mountaineer Football Update 2: 6 Things Happening Right Now You Should Know

Bob AllenCorrespondent IIMarch 12, 2011

Here is another update of recent events just in case you have not had the chance to view eight to 10 different websites for news regarding the West Virginia Mountaineer football team.


1. Lonnie Galloway leaves for Wake Forrest

  The only offensive coach retained by WVU after Dana Holgorsen took over the offense has decided to leave and coach the same position (receivers) at Wake Forrest. The Mountaineers will have to hurry now to find a replacement for Galloway who also had recruiting responsibilities in several regions also.


2. Pat White Gives up Baseball

The Kansas City Royals have reported that Pat White did not report to spring training. See the link below for details.


3. West Virginia House Passes "Coal Bowl" Resolution

It seems that the "Friends of Coal Bowl" will continue to be played every year now, there has been no set number of years that this game will be played, however it would appear that it would be for an unspecified period of time. I'm sure that this will be ironed out in the future by the two universities. See the link below for the complete text for house resolution 25.


4. Recruiting

West Virginia received its second verbal commitment for the 2012 recruiting class on 10 March 2011. Imarjaye Albury a defensive tackle out of Miami, Florida is 6' 1" tall and weighs in at 280 lbs.;_ylt=As7TU2lwxjQyOnFRk1ynIYIbu5B4


5. Geno Smith Update

It appears that QB Geno Smith is on schedule to take part in spring training which begins on the 28th of March. See the link below for video of an interview with offensive coordinator Dana Holgorsen discussing Smith's recovery from surgery and upcoming spring training. Also if you pay attention he states that the starting QB job is wide open, yet he acknowledges Geno has a leg up on our two freshman QB recruits.


6. Gold Blue Game to start at 7pm

The WVU spring football game is slated to kickoff at 7pm on Friday 29 April, which means it will be a night game. You don't see a lot of spring night games so I am excited to attend this event. Remember proceeds from the game go to the WVU Children's Hospital.