Kris Joseph Video: Watch Syracuse Star Get Rejected by Rim Against St. John's

Thomas CopainCorrespondent IMarch 11, 2011

We've seen missed dunks before. In fact, we all remember when Jimmer Fredette hit a half-court shot for BYU earlier this season but missed a dunk from point-blank range.

But there's something different about Syracuse's Kris Joseph missing this dunk from the Big East tournament. Maybe it's because the degree of difficulty on this dunk is different than many of the others we've seen.

A lot of the dunks we see that get blown are guys who are waltzing in with no one around them. Those are the ones that make the fans shake their heads and perhaps make the bench let out a quick chuckle or two.

But that's not the case with Joseph.

Instead, he almost leaped out of Madison Square Garden, using a St. John's player as his personal hurdle before he missed the dunk. I'm not sure if that makes it better or worse that it was a tougher dunk or that it was a dunk that maybe shouldn't have been attempted. 

Let's put it this way: If he had hit it, it would've been one heck of a play.

Either way, we saw the athleticism of Kris Joseph, if that means anything. It could've been a lot worse, as at least Syracuse beat St. John's to move on to the Big East semifinals to face Connecticut in a rematch of that epic six-overtime Big East tournament game from last season.

So all ends well—at least for Kris Joseph and Syracuse.