An Open Letter To All Bleacher Creatures: Let's Get Along

ThomasSenior Writer ISeptember 29, 2008

My fellow Bleacher Creatures,

I come to you today not as a Manchester United fan or as a Baltimore Ravens fan, I come to you as a sports fan and a person.

Sport is one of the greatest inventions in the history of the world. It was meant to bring people together, not tear people apart. Too many times I see fans of one team bash the fans of another team. While it can be in fun, sometimes it turns into an ugly, violent scene. 

Now, I admit, I have been one of those people that bash other teams and fans. I believe everyone has done that once in a while.

I recently wrote a couple of articles bashing Liverpool and some of its fans. I meant it as a fun joke not to be taken seriously. However, some people got the wrong message and blew it out of proportion. If I offended anyone with those articles, I apologize.

Too many times we let our emotions and egos get ahead of our common sense. Someone says a hurtful thing about a team, player, or coach and we jump in to defend them. Eventually, both parties are fighting about things not related to sports and can't remember the original argument.

It is OK to talk smack sometimes. Smack talk is one of the things that makes sports fun. However, we musn't turn the smack talk into personal attacks. We must all look past our different tastes in teams and look at people as they really are.

Follow the example of those two guys in the photo. Well, actually don't hold hands. The point is, get along with one another. Don't let minor differences get the better of you.

In the ultimate picture of life, it doesn't really matter which team you support. So stop acting like it's the most important thing in life.

Let's all just enjoy sports. Stop the bickering. Stop the ridicules. Stop getting worked up over minor matters. If you give people a chance beyond sports, you might find out that you can actually get along with them.