The 2008 Auburn Tigers: An Obsessive Fan's Thoughts (Week 4 vs. LSU)

Matthew Donaldson@MattDonaldsonAUCorrespondent ISeptember 29, 2008

What a game Auburn and LSU played in Jordan-Hare Stadium. There hasn't been a game more consistently amazing over the last five years than this series. For me personally, the game had a disappointing result. Here are my thoughts:

1) The atmosphere in Jordan-Hare was truly amazing. Auburn fans can be some of the loudest in the country, and that is on display for the big games. What can be disheartening is the lack of consistency from week to week by the fans...but that's for a different article. But the game against LSU is what college football is all about. The fans were loud, both teams played hard, and the outcome was in doubt to the very end.

2) Chris Todd did enough to put Auburn in position to win the game, but too many drives stalled in between midfield and field-goal range, especially in the second half. However, he passed the ball very well against a very good LSU defense. That drive to take the lead in the fourth quarter was very impressive.

3) LSU Head Coach Les Miles made some good calls for once. The onside kick in the third quarter, though it didn't lead to points, kept the momentum on LSU's side. The trick play (halfback touchdown pass) was perfectly timed. I won't say he outcoached Auburn's coaching staff, but I will say that he was more aggressive.

4) The worst thing Auburn did all night was knock out starting LSU quarterback Andrew Hatch. I am fairly confident he would not have gotten the job done. But give credit to freshman Jarrett Lee, he came out and made plays in a very hostile environment, and won the game for LSU.

5) I felt the same way after this game as I did after last year's heartbreaker. On nearly every big play, Auburn was inches away from changing the result. On the trick play touchdown, the ball was put in a perfect spot...right in the middle of two defenders. On Lee's first touchdown pass, he was drilled as he threw, and the corner was a step away from breaking up the pass. It seems like Auburn just can't quite get over the hump against LSU.

6) The only call you can really question as an Auburn fan is the fourth-and-one call for a play action pass. I supported going for it, since Wes Byrum can't find success this year, and it would have been a 52-yard kick. However, why not run it up the middle with Ben Tate or a quarterback sneak? Still, I think LSU did more to win the game than Auburn did to lose it.

7) One loss doesn't kill you in the SEC these days. Ask Tennessee last year, who started 1-2 and lost to Florida and still made it to the SEC Championship. LSU had a better team last year than this year and lost two games. The pressure is now on Auburn to win as many as possible the rest of the year. There is little room for error. With Tennessee coming to town next week, there is no time to dwell on this loss. Hopefully, Auburn can get on track and gain some momentum through the weaker part of their schedule.