20 Questions Not to Ask a Guy Watching Football

Greg BlohowiakContributor ISeptember 29, 2008

As guys the only thing we want to do on a sunday afternoon is sit down with the boys and throw down a couple brewskis, preferably Miller, and enjoy a full day of NFL football. Heres a list of 20 questions not to ask us when we're watching the game. And I'm sorry ladies, this goes out to you.

1) What are you guys doing? Honestly is that really a question?

2) What time does the game get done? As guys we are really good at answering those type of questions with a simple answer...when we finish off the case.

3) In Packer Nation—Anything concerning the Jets...?

4) Also in Packer Nation—Did Aaron Rodgers get hurt yet? Unfortunately that is a good question..but no one wants to answer that.

5) Is that yellow line really on the field? And how do they keep moving it?

6) The guys in the black and white arent players too are they?

7) Guess who I want to win????!?!? Obvious answer...the cooler jersey colors...

8) How do you score points?

9) Why is a touchdown worth six points? Field goal...PAT...etc

10) Do they really have to tackle eachother that hard?!?! That looks like it hurts...

11) Can you go mow the lawn? (Yeah honey I'll jump right on that)

12) Can you come help me with the dishes? Expected response..."At halftime."

13) Another awesome thing not to do...start vacuuming in the middle of a critical situation or time in the game.

14) Wanna run to the grocery store? The last thing we wanna do is go shopping for little debbie cakes (no matter how good they are) and sales on vegetables.

15) What's on a different channel...no matter what channel it is?

16) Do you even care who wins? "Nope, im just watching hoping for a tie."

17) How many games do they have to win to get in the playoffs?

18) How are the Jets doing? AGAIN.

19) Can you tape this? I have a show to watch right now...

20) Last but not least...Who is the hottest guy on the team?

Ok ok this may seem like I'm giving girls so much credit for being oblivious to football or anything for that matter. There are just some things that shouldn't be asked or thought to be asked when a guy is watching football. I would expect that you would say the same things about you and gossip girl or the hills or something like that.