NFLPA and Owners: Conspiracy Theories and Positives That Come with Lockout

Todd DragerContributor IMarch 11, 2011

Will The Empire Pull Itself Together?
Will The Empire Pull Itself Together?Rob Carr/Getty Images

Let’s face it, if the NFLPA and NFL team owners don’t come to some sort of agreement by 5:00 PM tonight and the union actually goes through with decertification, almost everyone loses. The owners, the players, the fans, memorabilia shops, the homeless scalpers; they all lose.

There are, however, a few people that a lockout would benefit. Here’s a list of those people:

Arena League Football
It’s back. And it couldn’t have come with any better timing. The Arena League would thrive without it’s big brother because, simply, people want to watch football. The Arena League’s audience has no comparison with the NFL’s, but if the NFL doesn’t get this situation worked out, then many fans could at least give the Arena League a try.

And think about this hypothetical:

-The NFL PA decertifies
-No agreement is reached by the start of the 2011-2012 season
-The first several games are cancelled
-The owners realize how much money they’re losing and go out and find replacement players
-Some NFL players cross the picket line and play, but most don’t
-Some well-known players suit up and play in the Arena League

Can you imagine seeing players you actually recognize playing on that small, enclosed/padded field?

Having Ray Lewis flattening Joe Schmo eight times a game. If the Arena League gets one or two big names, others players will start to look to it as a real possibility. I don’t expect a huge draw to it, but for the players near the end of their career that still hold some NFL spotlight, what’s to stop them? Maybe a Brian Westbrook type who won’t be a starter any longer in the NFL, but still holds a huge name recognition. Wouldn’t you tune in to see him?

The Arena League Players
They would be the first called on to be replacement players in the NFL. What if in the end we just had a flip, all the NFL players went to the Arena League and vise-versa. What would the NFLPA say to that, ”… um, sorry guys?”

Obviously this is not a real possibility.

The Conversations At Your Fantasy Football Draft
How awesome would it be to draft replacement players?

Here’s a conversation that could actually take place if we have a replacement player fantasy draft.

Mock Auction Draft Conversation

…start of 13th round

Player A: I’ll take Tim Hellerman, former team: USA Plumbers Alliance, I hear he’s got great hands.
Player B: Damn, he was my sleeper. I’ll go with Chad Stevens. Formerly of the Chad Stevens Association.
Player C: Alright, I’ll grab Rod “Little man” Townsend. Is he playing this year?
Player D: Screw it, I’ll take ME. I’m trying out for the Chargers on Monday suckaaaassss.
Player C: Oh, you jerk, you weren’t even on our big board!
Player D: Just put my notice in last week losers
Player E: I’ll take Andre 3000, he can play wide receiver, right?

See, there can be some winners in the event of a lockout.

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