Toughest Man In The NFL: Matt Bryant: At Least For a Day

Matt EurichAnalyst ISeptember 29, 2008

"I buried my son yesterday"

Those were the words expressed by Matt Bryant Sunday after the Buccaneers defeated the Green Bay Packers.  Matt's 3 month old son Tryson passed away last Wednesday from causes that are still unknown.

Matt arrived at the stadium and did things like he always had, but with one glaring thing on his mind.  No one will quite know what Matt was thinking sitting there on the sidelines, but I have a new found respect for a man that did something on sunday that no one would of thought he could do. 

It is never easy to bury a person you love, it is never easy to bury a child, especially if that child was just 3 months old.  "He Smiled" Matt said during his postgame news conference.  "All you had to do was talk to him and talk softly."

As I sat and watched a loving father talk about his child, I realized that this man had unbelievable strength and will.  The thing that he does best is kick field goals, and Matt had no better way to honor his son. Matt went out and made three field goals with the last being the eventual game winner.

Tryson will never be able to watch his father kick field goals in person again, but Matt knows that his baby boy will be by his side - giving him the strength to carry on and no for at least one day - his dad was the toughest man in the NFL.