Twins Hope to Make it to Postseason

Allison LatherContributor ISeptember 29, 2008

Well, it’s that time of year again: Postseason. At least for those good enough to get in, that is. Yet, there are still some left in suspense. The American League Central race has been, too say the least, an interesting one. With the White Sox and Twins battling for contention, with a fairly good lead over the Cleveland Indians, the race was made fairly interesting.  But over the past few weeks, it’s seemed that neither team wanted too badly to be on top, as both added a considerable amount of games to their loss column. But once the two teams met on September 23rd to play a three game series, they gave the impression of playing in a playoff game. The fans acted in a similar way, with the paid attendance reaching an average of 40,000 fans per game over that intense series. The Twins swept the White Sox in dramatic fashion, but again decided that winning wasn’t important once they began their three game series with the Kansas City Royals. Fortunately for the Twins, the White Sox didn’t care much about winning either. Both the Twins and the White Sox lost their first two games in what should have been the final series for one of them, but by the time they got to their third game they realized that they had a better chance of getting into the postseason if they won. Unfortunately for both teams, they figured this out on the same day and both won what should have been their final game of the year. Because of this, the White Sox are now forced to make up a game that was rained out against the Detroit Tigers, which is scheduled to be played on Monday September 29 at 2:00 PM ET. Two things that are for sure is that the Tigers gained over 100,000 fans in a very short period of time and that many people will be stricken with some sort of illness that will force them to stay home on Monday.  As a dedicated Twins fan, I will be paying very close attention to the game Monday afternoon and have only one thing to say: Go Tigers!