TNA and Jersey Shore's Angelina: Why Celebrities Should Not Appear on TNA Impact

Randy ReedContributor IIMarch 11, 2011

The March 10, 2011 edition of TNA Impact featured the Jersey Shore's Angelina in her debut match and it was as lame as I expected it would be. TNA's ratings have stayed the same for a long time now so the company's desire to see movement in the numbers is understandable.

That being said, C-List celebrity associations is not the way to go about it, as all that does is make the celebrity look bad, and takes away any kind of credibility to the claim that professional wrestling is a fun, smart, legit form of entertainment that can be enjoyed by all.

It can be argued that the WWE's usage of celebrities in the '80s helped to launch it into the conscious of the mainstream and give it the credibility needed for the current position it holds in the entertainment market today. I have no doubt that TNA is aiming for the same affect with its' usage of celebrities as well.
However, there is one major difference that I believe TNA has not taken into account, and that is the modern view of the celebrity. Celebrities do not hold as much weight as they did in the past and this manifests itself in the general mood expressed by public towards them. Instead of coming across as likeable role models with style and grace as they once did, many come across as isolating, out of touch, dislikeable people. 
With the rise of the cable network and the numerous content providers that have come along with it, the visibility of celebrities has greatly increased. They are constantly promoting themselves, and or expressing isolating viewpoints many do not want to hear anyway. The total sum of what I am saying is that today's celebrity is not likeable, not relatable, and over exposed.
If TNA improves their product then success will come, period. Hey TNA, focus on creating dynamic characters with compelling storylines and I promise you the television ratings and pay-per-view buys will improve, it's not that hard. And I'm out!

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