MMA Knockout of the Day: And Boom Goes the Dynamite

Nick ColonSenior Analyst IMarch 11, 2011

The year was 2006. The month was May, and Lautaro Tucas awoke that fated fifth day in May, to what would be his first, and last MMA fight.

Tucas threw caution to the wind that night against his opponent Chris "The Menace" Clements, and paid dearly for it in the form of a three second KO clip that's been watched over 80,000 times on Youtube.

That night, it didn't come down to the better fighter, or the more skilled athlete, rather the more precise fighter.

If you notice, Tucas lands what appears to be a lazy right nothing, while Clements pinpoints his target and lands a clean right punch to Tucas's kisser, putting him on his keister. 

While Tucas has gone on to never fight another human being professionally since this traumatizing occurrence, Clements has not done too shabby for himself, recently defeating Jonathan Goulet at Ringside MMA: Payback in November.  

He's fought tough guys such as John Alessio and Rory Markham, with his only notable win being the one over Goulet recently.

The truth of the matter is MMA fans will likely never see either of these two compete in top tier competition like the UFC or Strikeforce.

But if it put a smile on your face to see one man crunch in another man's face, well, you're welcome.