Ney York Giants: Plaxico Hilton

Jared Lilly@jlilly92Correspondent ISeptember 29, 2008

The New York Giants.

They are undefeated, and the defending Superbowl champions after beating the highly favored Dallas Cowboys in Irving, Texas, in the divisional round.

Sounds like everything is going just wonderful for Eli Manning and his Giants aren't they?

Wrong. Burress has played approximately 50 games for the New York Giants. In that time frame he has been fined 40-50 times. Nope, I'm not exaggerating. Plaxico claims all he wants to do is play football. He doesn't show up to practices, meetings, and he isn't willing to put in the work during the week to play on Sunday, Monday, and an occasional Thursday(Why Thursday!?)

He is known to tune out head coach Tom Coughlin, and disobey direct commands.

Teammates are supposed to be treated equal, but it's no secret that the superstars and play makers get special treatment and privileges behind closed doors/

Burress apparently thinks that his privilidge is to completely disregard the rules and authority of those ahead of him.

Football is his JOB, he's not in high school where, "Coach I just don't feel good enough to go to pre-practice study hall, but I'll be at the game I promise." is a valid excuse. If your an employer, would you honestly pay your employee in full for only working one day a week out of seven? Didn't think so.

This type of behavior in a football player is truly disgusting. The fact that he is a former Steeler, and current Giant was enough, now he's not even respectable. Let's hope Plaxico doesn't join the elite group of other divas who accidentally flash people through their skirt. In my mind, that's what separates him from the other Hollywood divas.