Oregon Ducks Dominate Washington State Cougars, Simple as That

Elija KinContributor ISeptember 29, 2008

On the strong legs of Jeremiah Johnson and Lagrette Blount, the Oregon Ducks trounced a SAD Washington State team.

Jeremiah Masoli had a respectable game lighting up Washington State's secondary, and what he did was get the job done. I appreciate that.

Also, Coach Belotti finally realized that Chris Harper is a playmaker and needs to have the ball given to him. Towards the end of the game, Harper played wideout and even made a bone-crushing block.  

Also, Masoli did not make big mistakes. I have said this a billion times: Thomas or Masoli doesn't matter, because as long as our running backs play well, we will be okay.

I think Justin Roper should become an assistant, because he was already slow and now he has a bad knee.

Not to short the Oregon defense, because they made Washington State look SILLY. Byrd and "Thermon da Third" confused Lobbestael, who threw two picks.

Patrick Chung was at his normal high energy level. Did you see Chung take the kickoff almost for a touchdown?