Jerry Reinsdorf and Why He Should Let the Chicago Bulls Play Do His Talking

Ryan NeimanContributor IIIMarch 11, 2011

CHICAGO - APRIL 01: Jerry Reinsdorf, chairman  of the Chicago White Sox, watches as his team takes batting practice before the Opening Day game against the Cleveland Indians April 2, 2007 at U.S. Cellular Field in Chicago, Illinois.  (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Chicago Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf proclaimed yesterday that if healthy, his team could win numerous championships in the upcoming future with the roster they are currently deploying.

Of all people, Reinsdorf should be careful of lofty expectations.

He may be putting himself in a similar situation as the Big Three down in Miami, as they exclaimed they would have a ring on every finger when everything is all said and done.

The Bulls have one of the best players in the game today with Derrick Rose and he is being touted as the face of the NBA in the upcoming years.

This year expectations are even higher for Rose, as he has found his way in the MVP discussions and many sports experts believe he is the clear-cut favorite.

Does Rose need any more pressure from within his own organization?

Is it irresponsible for Reinsdorf to create more attention surrounding his young star?

Throughout his success this season, Rose has been one of the most humble and soft-spoken players in the league.

He has been gracious with the opportunity life has given him and he understands how lucky he is to be in this position.

There is not any showboating or gloating when it comes to Rose.

It is completely pointless for Reinsdorf to say what he had to say.

Heck, the Bulls have not even won one championship during the Rose era, so let's not get ahead of ourselves here.

It would be terrible to see Rose evolve into the type of egocentric character because of outside factors impacting his mental state.

We do not want another LeBron James or Dwyane Wade.

Rose is not only a unique player because of his talented skills, but because of his gentle personality.

Rose knows he does not have to make noise verbally.

He will let his play on the court do all of his talking.

Reinsdorf should let his team's play do his talking too.