Josh Howard: The Anti-American Pothead is Sorry

Christopher WilliamsCorrespondent ISeptember 29, 2008

If you admitted to being a drug user, got caught drag racing, then had a video seen worldwide of you disrespecting the national anthem, would you get fired?

More than likely you would not stay employed for long, but apparently Josh Howard can do whatever he wants and still keep his job.

Today, Dallas Mavericks forward Josh Howard apologized for his comments made at a charity flag-football game during the national anthem.

Does anyone honestly believe Josh Howard is sorry for his actions? If Josh Howard would have never got caught saying what he said, do you think he would apologize?

If there is anything he is sorry for, it is the fact he said it loud enough to be recorded and put on YouTube.

If the Dallas Mavericks don’t get rid of him, I will lose all respect I ever had for this organization. Josh Howard did not mean a word he said when he apologized—he said it because he had to.