What Do We Know Four Weeks Into The NFL Season?

Pete TreperinasCorrespondent ISeptember 29, 2008

Four weeks into one of the more bizarre NFL seasons, the separation of the good and bad teams, studs and duds, and coaches who will be in jeopardy of their jobs has begun.

Coaches Who Might Be In Trouble

Norv Turner (San Diego). Week 1 was a heartbreaker, Week 2 is on Ed Hochuli. But the 2-2 record that the Chargers boast is completely unexpected from a team that a lot of people picked to win the Super Bowl. The reason that Marty Schottenheimer was removed as head coach was because he couldn't win in the post-season. The Denver Broncos look like a serious threat in the AFC West, and if the Chargers don't get their season on track, Turner could be headed down a similar road that Schottenheimer went down.

Brad Childress (Minnesota). The 1-3 Vikings were predicted by many to win the NFC North. Since then, Minnesota has had quarterback problems, and even though they have Adrian Peterson in the backfield, the Vikings look pretty pathetic. Childress has already received a lot of criticism from players, and I wouldn't be surprised to see him out of a job next year. 

Marvin Lewis (Cincinnati). I know it's tough to blame the fall of the Bengals on Marvin Lewis, but who else is there? It's Lewis' job to unite his team, which is something that hasn't happened. With countless arrests, an 0-4 record, and being absent from the playoffs in the last two years, Marvin Lewis is on the hot seat.

Rod Marinelli (Detroit). Another quality Matt Millen hire. Rod Marinelli will probably be out of Detroit almost as soon as he was in. Even last year after a hot start, the Lions ended up at 7-9. Two disappointing seasons, and an 0-4 start to his third, I wouldn't be surprised if Marinelli is replaced before the end of the season.


Chris Johnson (Tennessee). The rookie running back is performing just as well as fellow rookie phenoms Jonathan Stewart and Darren McFadden. He has no doubt helped the Titans to their 4-0 start, which is something the franchise has never done. Four weeks in, Johnson is my pick for Rookie of the Year.

Jay Cutler (Denver). Through the first three weeks of the season, Cutler was the best quarterback in the NFL. Although in Week 4 against the Chiefs, he regressed just a little bit. Now the Broncos have Brandon Marshall back, along with the surprising Eddie Royal, and Cutler could be well on his way to a Pro Bowl selection and a playoff berth. 

Drew Brees (New Orleans). Brees connected with Lance Moore twice in Week 4, and he's accumulated more passing yards than any hurler in the league, and sits third in touchdowns thrown. I expect to see MVP-type numbers from Brees all season.

Michael Turner (Atlanta). After never getting a chance to play in San Diego, Turner finally has a starting job, and so far, I'd say he's been worth every penny that the Falcons paid for him. In a season that Atlanta was expected to win only a couple games, they sit 2-2 thanks largely in part to Turner's big games against Detroit and Kansas City.


Peyton Manning (Indianapolis). This is sad but true. Peyton Manning has been a big fat dud for the first three weeks. Maybe the Bye week will rejuvenate Manning and the Colts season. It seems pretty clear that his injury is still bothering him, but if Manning doesn't pick it up soon, the Titans may take control of the South.

Ryan Grant (Green Bay). After last year's success, Grant was picked relatively high this year in tons of fantasy leagues. He's yet to find the end-zone this year, and he's been incredibly disappointing. 

Matt Schaub (Houston). I don't hesitate to say that a big part of the reason that the Texans are yet to win a game is because Matt Schaub has played terrible. With a QB Rating of 50 and five interceptions on the year, he needs to step it up. 

Three Teams That Are For Real

Denver Broncos. As I mentioned earlier, Jay Cutler has done a lot of growing up in the past two years. Selvin Young seems to be coming around, and with the talent at wide receiver, I think there's a good chance that the Broncos could take over in the AFC West.

Tennessee Titans. Believe or not, Kerry Collins has really taken over the QB position well. If Vince Young comes back this year, he comes back. But it seems clear that Tennessee doesn't really need him. 

Washington Redskins. Personally, I didn't think much of Washington this year, but after beating the Cowboys in Dallas, the Redskins have made the competition in the NFC East that much harder. Jason Campbell looked good this week, and Jim Zorn has Washington on the right track.

Three Pretenders

Baltimore Ravens. How they're 2-0, I don't know. Tonight the Ravens will get the smackdown against Pittsburgh. Joe Flacco is unexperienced, and Willis McGahee is clearly damaged goods. 

Chicago Bears. Both of the Bears wins have come against good teams, but what are the chances that Kyle Orton can produce solid numbers all season? 

Arizona Cardinals. Kurt Warner is an old man, and Brett Favre seems to have proved that certain old guys can still play. I don't think Warner is one of them. Edgerrin James has stunk since the day he put a Cardinals jersey on. I still like the Seahawks in the NFC West.



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