With Scott Linehan Gone, Lane Kiffin Should Be Sacked Next

James WilliamsonSenior Writer ISeptember 29, 2008

After two years of 0-4 starts, (0-8 last year and 0-4 this year, so far) the St. Louis Rams fired head coach Scott Linehan. It was a firing that was long-coming. When you have several good players and you can't win a game, then you are going to lose your job.

I'm starting to think Kiffin should get the axe too. It is one thing to lose to the San Diego Chargers. It is a totally different thing to lose a game when your team is ahead by 12 at the end of the third quarter.

They had shut down the Chargers offense completely! How do you let that happen to you? Especially in a division rivalry game? This is the second time this year that he has blown it in the fourth quarter.

Last week the Raiders lost to the Buffalo Bills with a last second field goal after a nine-point lead, and they let Chargers' running back LaDainian Tomlinson get 75 yards and two touchdowns fourth quarter. Tomlinson only had 106 yards in total rushing.

True, turnovers hurt them, but when you let Darren Sproles run 67 yards on a kick return then you are really screwing up. I was originally behind Kiffin, but now that he has blown two games in the fourth quarter, I realize he cannot finish the deal.

He is not improving this team—he is helping this team get a better draft position for next year.

Matt Millen was ousted from the position of general manager in Detroit. Scott Linehan has been banished from the head coach position in St. Louis. Now, it is time for Raiders owner Al Davis to say adios to Kiffin before his team gets even worse.

Sources have said that Kiffin is on the chopping block. With this loss, I think the guillotine's blade is preparing to drop, and it's about time.