Chairman of the Boards: Jared Sullinger the Next Charles Barkley or Kevin Love?

Kevon RobinsonCorrespondent IMarch 31, 2017

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Jared Sullinger is getting a lot of love so far in the Ohio State Buckeyes season (no pun intended).

But with that come negatives in his game.

When you look at his skill set and what he can do versus what he isn't very good at, he turns out to be very similar to Hall of Fame forward Charles Barkley. Both are undersized, have a high motor and take care of rebounds both defensive and offensive.

Sullinger also draws comparisons to All-Star forward Kevin Love from the Timberwolves who is now in the process of making history with his consecutive double-doubles.

Sullinger has many people foreseeing him going into the NBA as a bust, but if Charles Barkley were to enter the NBA draft with the skill level he had at age 20, would he be a projected superstar?

Just something to think about before I get bashed in the comments below.



When it comes to defense and dealing with undersized big men it can get scary, but Charles Barkley was known to be a force on the defensive end even though he had a height disadvantage. His motor and will to stop the opposing team to make a shot was flat-out amazing.  

Barkley had a bunch of blocks, like the time where he had two consecutive blocks on the same possession.

Jared Sullinger and Kevin Love, on the other hand, struggle on defense although they both have a taller and heavier frame than Barkley ever had even in his prime.

So who do you think Jared Sullinger is most similar to, Charles Barkley or Kevin Love?