Zdeno Chara Hits: A Video Review of Chara's 5 Best Hits As a Boston Bruin

Matthew FairburnCorrespondent IMarch 10, 2011

Zdeno Chara Hits: A Video Review of Chara's 5 Best Hits As a Boston Bruin

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    Zdeno Chara once again displayed his pure physical dominance on Tuesday, when he effortlessly tossed Max Pacioretty like a rag doll. Chara avoided suspension despite potentially ending Pacioretty's career.

    Of course, devastating hits are nothing new for Chara. At 6'9", he has been man-handling opponents since he entered the league in 1997.

    Despite what some may think after Tuesday's hit, Chara is not a dirty player, just a dominant one.

    Here's a look at the five best hits the B's captain has had since coming to Boston.  

Zdeno Chara Puts Tyler Ennis Into the Bench

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    You think that Tyler Ennis was excited to see that monster coming after him along the boards?

    One of the scariest things in hockey is when Zdeno Chara takes a couple of long strides and zeros in on his next victim.

    The Sabres complained that this hit was dirty, but Ennis appeared to turn into the hit. Either way, Chara ruined him.

Zdeno Chara Tosses Peter Harrold

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    This hit personifies Zdeno Chara.

    When a forward goes into the corner to battle with him for the puck, that forward is going to end up on his back.

    Peter Harrold learned that the hard way here.

Zdeno Chara Teaches Jason Ward a Lesson

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    Jason Ward learned an important hockey lesson here: Never get caught with your head down.

    One would think that playing against Zdeno Chara would keep a player one his toes. Unfortunately, Ward let his guard down for just a moment, and Chara made him pay.

    Keep your head up, Jason.

Zdeno Chara Flattens Alex Steen

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    Alex Steen tried his best to avoid contact with the NHL's hardest hitter. Unfortunately for him, Chara has no mercy.

    Steen extends for the puck, leaving himself vulnerable to a bone crushing body check. Chara delivers just that.

Zdeno Chara Stops Antti Miettinen in His Tracks

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    The faster a guy's moving, the harder he'll fall. 

    Antti Miettinen thought he had Chara beat to the outside. He was cruising through the neutral zone when Chara stopped him right in his tracks.

    That's why Chara is one of the best defensemen in the entire league. He owns the blue line as well as anyone ever has.