Top 5 best Boston Radio sports shows

Rozzie RatContributor ISeptember 29, 2008

        Hello everyone, my name is Rozzie, and this is my first of many articles about the sports media in Boston. First a little background about me. I have lived in Roslindale my whole life and have been surrounded by the Boston sports scene since I was a new born. Throughout the years I have been to hundreds of sporting events in and around the city so I have true Boston Sports in my blood. I have worked for three of the four pro teams in the area and have worked extensively with the media and that is what this column will be about. I have been told by many different athletes, office staff, and fans of these teams that the talk radio shows are out of control.  We all have our favorites though and I will list my top five.

Dennis and Callahan weei 6-10am m-f

        I used to listen to D&C every day when I was going to college. The way they interacted with each other and the fans was funny and original. However, for a while now, it seems like Entercom, the company that owns WEEI, WAAF, WRKO, etc, put out a memo telling the morning shows to push a far right agenda down our throats. When I wake up in the morning I like to listen to sports radio, not political radio! Especially two guys talking about how amazing our president is.


The Big Show with the "Big O"  weei 2pn-6pm

       Great show when you're allowed to talk. The problem with this show is simple, you can't get a word in edge wise because they are always screaming at each other and the callers. The great thing about the show, they are always screaming at each other! That and the whiner line is fantastic.


The Dale and Holley show        weei 10am-2pm

         Great show with great intelligent hosts. If you want a good sports show where you can freely argue about what matters to you in the sports world this is a show for you.


Planet Mikey with Mike Adams      weei 6-11pm

        Amazing, funny show with lots of sports, music, green hair, Hazel Mae, trivia and everything else you'd expect from Mike Adams. If you never saw sports world when it was on NECN, go to youtube and check out his channel mikeyadamsdotcom.


The Sports Blast with Joey Murr     1510 the zone Tues/Thurs 5-6pm

        A Surprising, refreshing, fun, exciting show. Joe Murray has done an amazing job in his short time on the air and the show has quickly become the best show on 1510 if not the whole market. Why might you ask??? Because the concept is very simple, get group of young hip sports fans who sit on the air and shoot the breeze about sports as if they were in a local bar. It's taking sports talk back to it's roots and I believe with the right marketing this show will be a huge success.


       So there you have it, the top 5 sports radio shows in boston and my first article. Leave me some comments or e-mail me some feedback let me know what you think.