The Tide has changed, or has it

Tiger in EuropeContributor ISeptember 29, 2008

Alabama’s win over early season favorite Georgia may seem like trouble for the SEC hierarchy.

I saw five different newspapers in two days that had headlines similar to “Alabama on the road to the title.”

I also know a lot of fans who are screaming Bama will take it to the Championship undefeated.

But please don't get to excited over this one win. The schedule Alabama faces is just too tough to call for the trophy after one big win.

Next week they play unranked Kentucky. A team that has given up only 22 points so far and is undefeated. They probably aren’t thinking about losing just to make Bama fans and old-school die hard's happy.

And in only 4 games Kentucky has posted 126 points and Alabama has put up 185 in 5 games.  That’s Bama averaging 37 and Kentucky 31.5 points a game.

Defensively Bama has given up 13.4 a game and Kentucky only 5.5.

Not only that, but this will be Kentucky’s first conference game. Just imagine what the next week of practice will be like and what that locker room will be like come game time.

These guys are just waiting for a ranking and what better way to get it than to knock out the guys who are making all the waves. They could shoot straight to Top 10.

But who has Kentucky played? Western Kentucky is the answer.

Alabama played them too. Alabama beat WK 41-7; Kentucky beat them 41-3.

Now my money will still be on Alabama strictly for the coaching, but no one should be talking National Championship yet.

Then the Tide gets to face off against that little Mississippi team that just took down Team Tebow.

And they still have four SEC teams to face after that, one of them being LSU.

There is just too much competition in the SEC to claim the SEC title this early, let alone a National Championship.

Vanderbilt is no longer willing to sit back and be the possible up set team. They are playing some good ball and find themselves on top of the SEC East. Not only that, but they beat the same team that gave Florida their 1st loss.

Speaking of that team that beat Florida, what Top 10 team will they beat next? Can Mississippi be the team to break Bama’s back, or take down the Tigers?

And does anyone really think Florida and Georgia are out of the hunt.

It is quite possible that 5 of the best teams in the country could end up with two losses each; and never get a shot at the title game.

Nope. The tide hasn't changed much at all. It’s just SEC football all over again. Brutal schedules, unmatched rivalry and up sets you never saw coming.

Welcome back Bama, but don’t get to comfortable just yet.