DeSean Jackson Is Tremendous Athlete for Philadelphia Eagles

Eddie RossellCorrespondent ISeptember 29, 2008

In his days at Cal, DeSean Jackson was known more for his kick returning abilities than his wide receiver abilities. So far this season he has started to change the way people look at his talents.

He's on the smaller side for a wide out at 5'10'' and 175 pounds. However, Jackson’s speed and quickness make up for his lack of size. He can get in and out of cuts just like the best receivers do and he's only a rookie.

Right now, he may be more remembered for his haughtiness than for his abilities. In the Eagles' Sept. 15 game against the Dallas Cowboys, Jackson let go of the ball before he reached the end zone on a touchdown pass. The TD was not awarded. It did not make much of a difference though because Brian Westbrook scored later in the drive.

Last night, while watching the Philadelphia-Chicago game, I noticed that DeSean Jackson would make three to four big plays in a row. This was surprising because normally one would think that if a guy makes a big play through the air then the defense would pay more attention to him.

But it wasn't just passing plays that he was big on. A few times he made big runs on Brian Urlacher and that tough Chicago defense.

He is also one of the only players to have 100-yard receiving games in his first two career games. He had 106 yards in week one and 110 yards in week two.

One other thing I noticed was on a punt return, Jackson muffed it and gave it back to the Bears. This wasn't a huge problem because it was early in the game but if it continues, it could hurt his chances at being a starting kick return man and possibly his opportunity for Pro Bowl selection.

If he keeps up the good play, a couple of years down the road he could become a big threat in the passing game for the Philadelphia Eagles.