WWE: My Top 10 Favorite Current Theme Songs

Andrew HawkinsContributor IMarch 10, 2011

WWE: My Top 10 Favorite Current Theme Songs

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    Hello Bleachers, this is Wender here and this is my first article on Bleacher Report.  I have been watching wrestling for two years now, and I can say that it brings out the kid in me.  In this article, I'll try and brighten the mood up around this site and write about something that doesn't pertain to the letdown or hype of this year's WrestleMania.  I always try to look at things from the positive point of view and I feel like it definitely makes me more excited for the upcoming events.  

    I'll be ranking these songs on the three following criteria:

    • How relevant to the gimmick of said superstar.
    • The "pop" factor of the song.  Basically, my reaction when I hear the song, and if I pop, or in some cases, sigh.
    • If I were to listen to this song on my own, not acknowledging it being a theme song.

    It's also nice to have a change of pace once in a while, so without any more time wasted, here we go!

Honorable Mentions

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    Honorable Mentions:

    Dolph Ziggler:  Ziggler is very talented in the ring, and he has been putting on high quality matches every now and then for a few years now.  His song is also pretty solid too.  It fits his gimmick perfectly, with the cocky, narcissistic heel image.  I don't mind this song at all, and listen to it on occasion.  The pop factor isn't huge on this song, but that's the only thing holding this song down.

    Evan Bourne:  This guy is a talented wrestler who has been stuck in the low-mid card for a short while now, but his theme song is pretty solid too.  It fits the whole "Airbourne" gimmick with the talking in the beginning, and the lyrics too.  However, I wish he truly showed if he was born to win, because he isn't really doing a whole lot of that now.

    Triple H:  I know I'm going to get heat for this.  But hear me out.  I acknowledge that this is a great song.  Perfect for his gimmick, great pop factor, it's great.  But I just have no interest in listening to this song outside of when I hear it on RAW or SmackDown!  I respect how well this fits his character, but for me, it's not one of my favorites.

    Old Nexus Theme Song (We Are One by 12 Stones): I love this song.  Although, I kept it off the list because I have no idea if it's being used anymore.  I don't think it is being utilized, as they always come out to CM Punk's music.  Nonetheless, when this song was being used, it was in my top five, and it was absolutely perfect for the Nexus.  However, it might be more fitting now for the Corre, as they claim to all be equals.

    Alberto Del Rio: I don't know what it is about this song.  Maybe it is the amazing charisma of this superstar that does it for me, but I love this song.  I whistle it all the time, and definitely listen to it often.  However, it also fits his gimmick to some point, with the Mexican style, especially when played by the Mariachis.  With no words in the song, it can only fit style wise, so that's why it isn't as high on my list. 

    Kelly Kelly: I just love hearing this music because it means we all get to see this beautiful diva.  Also, she is arguably the most popular current diva, so it being on here isn't too off the wall.

    Edge: To be honest, I completely forgot about him.  His song is great.  The remix of the song is awesome, and I knew about the song before I started watching wrestling.  I'm not sure how relevant to his "gimmick" it is, but it DEFINITELY gets a huge reaction whenever "you think you know me" hits.  Great song.

10. Ted Dibiase Jr.

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    I am not as into DiBiase as I was when he was in Legacy.  I haven't seen the same quality of work, but that could be due to several reasons that I am not completely sure of (though I do wonder sometimes). 

    Anywho, this song is awesome.  It fits his gimmick well, coming from money and class, and it really is a song that I enjoy to listen to casually.  Maybe it's the fact that the autotune and the sound effects make it catchy, but it's a great theme.  Hopefully DiBiase will live up to his Legacy (pun intended) and we'll see him wear some meaningful gold soon.

    Here's a link.

9. John Cena

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    I will probably get both kinds of heat over this too, so let me clarify first.  I am not a John Cena hater, or lover either.  I have tons of respect for him, and try to consider myself completely neutral on him, and his character.  But either way, you have to recognize that this song has a humongous pop factor.  It either gets you jumping for joy, or it makes you feel sick with anger.  Either way, it gets you going.

    This song is relevant to a combination of the Never Give Up gimmick with a little of the Doctor of Thuganomics.  I definitely enjoy listening to this song whenever I hear it, or when I choose to give it a listen.  It's definitely deserving of a spot on here, even if Cena isn't one of your "mark out" wrestlers.


8. Sheamus

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    The Celtic Warrior has had a rough patch lately, but it could be turning up soon.  Then again, it technically be his last match on RAW next week.  But I think at this point we all expect, or won't be surprised if Sheamus walks out of RAW next Monday as the United States Champion.

    This song has a very Irish feel to it, and has powerful lyrics and flow to it.  The guitar parts are heavy, and the vocals are great.  I don't mind Sheamus, but I love his theme song.  The "pop" factor is fair in this song, but it definitely is in my top themes on my playlist.


7. 'Dashing' Cody Rhodes

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    Let me start off by saying that I truly enjoy Cody Rhodes.  I know he is technically "Dashing" Cody Rhodes, but that takes too long to type.  Hey I'll acknowledge him as that, and then I won't have to type the extra words in later.

    This song is great on all levels.  The effects are cool, the lyrics are fitting, and the vocals are clean and catchy.  Put together with a relatively unique entrance, and all of these things give Rhodes one of the best entrances today.

    I listen to this song all the time, and surely mark out when I hear it on SmackDown!  On a side note, am I the only one who has been thoroughly impressed with the mic work from this guy lately?  I thought for sure he was going to be the Janetty...


6. Randy Orton

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    I'm a huge Randy Orton fan.  I loved heel Orton, I love face Orton.  Do I love this song?  Yes.  Do I think it's his best theme song? No.  I was really partial to Burn in My Light.  But that's another story, for another time (possibly soon).

    With that out of the way, "Voices" is a good song still.  I listen to it every now and then, but it's hard to argue the pop factor of this song.  This and "My Time Is Now" have arguably the top two pop factors of any song now on RAW.  The crowd loves it when this song hits, and it's hard to disagree, I know I don't.

    Other than the pop factor, this song fits the Viper gimmick to a T.  I mean, from the title, through all of the lyrics, any true fan can easily make the connection.


5. Christian

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    Man, I really hope Christian gets added to the World Heavyweight Title Match.  I was going to say the Main Event, but then I realized that there is no way this match gets nearly the amount of airtime or hype that three other matches on the card get.

    Two of the matches I can deal with, but not Lawler vs. Cole (which was rumored to be the third biggest match on the card).  Anyway, this song is pure awesomeness.  From when the drums hit in the beginning, the crowd is always on their feet from there.  The pop factor is huge.  I mark out from time to time for this song, and I'm not a huge Christian fan, but I'm definitely a fan.

    The only thing keeping this song from higher is the relevance to his gimmick.  I mean, his gimmick isn't weird or crazy or anything like that, so it's really hard to match up to, but this song does fairly well.  I love this song, and almost always listen to it when I open up my music player.  He has great charisma, no pun intended, and this song lets him show it off with a great entrance.


4. Zack Ryder

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    Woo Woo Woo...YOU KNOW IT!
    Woo Woo Woo...YOU KNOW IT!

    I don't care what I hear about this.  I don't care if you tell me Zack Ryder could be future endeavored next week.  I really don't care.  This song is absolutely amazing.  This song is by far my favorite current theme song.  The only reason I don't have this as No. 1 is because of the scolding and heat I could get for it.  But at this point, I don't really care.

    This song makes me mark out like crazy, even if I do only hear it live on Superstars every other week.  I'm over it.  I think this is probably my second or third most listened to song in my library, but definitely the highest theme song.  It fits his cocky tool gimmick great, and if Ryder got some more airtime, I think he would do fine in the spotlight.


3. CM Punk

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    CM Punk is one of the best all around performers in the WWE right now.  He can handle the mic, he can go all out in the ring, he made NXT (almost) watchable, and of course, he can handle a main event storyline with one of the top babyfaces now, Randy Orton.  The man is truly talented.

    The reason why this song is so high on this list is because of the fact that I knew this song before I knew it was his theme song.  This song is one of the reasons why I started watching wrestling, because I liked the music and I wanted to see what other good music I heard from other wrestlers.  I was hooked from there.  But this song kind of fits his gimmick, but not all that much.

    Also, when I hear this song, I pop big time.  I like CM Punk, but I know of people who don't necessarily like Punk, but they appreciate his song.


2. Drew McIntyre

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    I can't say enough about this theme song.  It's a lot different than several theme songs that I've heard in the past.  It doesn't need the heavy guitar riffs or the pounding of the drums in the beginning to get the crowd going.  It starts off slowly with the guitar, then some quiet vocals hit.  Nothing too impressive yet.  But then, once the pre-chorus hits, wow this song has you hooked.

    The vocal harmony along with the deep guitar parts is truly impressive.  I absolutely love this song, and it is in second place for theme songs that I listen to the most.  My only problem with this song, which is pretty small, is that it loops over and you don't get to hear the next verse, which is my favorite verse.  But oh well, what can you do.

    This song kind of matches up well with Drew McIntyre's mentally unstable/crazed gimmick, and I think it definitely does him justice.  When this song hits, the crowd usually lets out some loud boos, and he gets a large negative reaction.  But hey, I cheer for heels too, so I usually cheer, but that could be just me.  Drew McIntyre is one of my favorites on SmackDown, and I look for him to have a new belt to wear in his future.


1. Goldust

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    P.S. (I actually like this theme song)


1. The Miz

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    This song, is truly.....AWESOME!  For one of RAW's top heels, this song is a great song that definitely deserves a casual listening to.  I know that I listen to this song quite often, and there was a solid two-week span where I looked this song up and listened to it almost everyday.  Oh well, I'm not ashamed, it's a great song.

    This song fits the cocky, playful, egotistical gimmick of Miz perfectly, also with the addition of "Awesome" at the beginning.  This song has the usual fast drum beat, the cool guitar riffs, the rock style vocals, it has it all.  I know that when this song hits, some of the crowd screams, and a lot more of the crowd boos.  But this song guarantees a reaction from everyone.  Not often is there a dead silence when this song hits.

    The Miz is outstanding at cutting promos, and his in-ring performance has been improving tremendously.  The WWE has (some) confidence with him by putting him in the Main Event at WrestleMania, but it doesn't seem like they have their full backing on him with the addition of the Rock-Cena angle.

    But let's be honest, Vince knows what the Internet Wrestling Community (IWC) wants, whether we admit it or not  He knows we want a Rock-Cena feud, he knows that is a great spot for it in WrestleMania.  And I think that the addition of the Rock makes the outcome highly unpredictable, and I personally can't wait for my second WrestleMania.



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    Thank you Bleachers for your time in reading my first article.  I hoped that I helped lighten the mood around this site by bringing up something that doesn't necessarily entail the WWE dropping the ball, or this WrestleMania not having the hype of ones in the past.

    That's why I always try to take the brighter side of things, it helps you enjoy it a lot more.  For now, this is me, Wender Cleminson, with Awesome Information for Your Everyday Life.  Okay, I can't take credit for that.

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