TV Replays Are Becoming Badly Needed For EPL

Andrew BarrySenior Analyst ISeptember 29, 2008

Roy Carroll may not be appreciated among Manchester United circles but in years to come, his blunder against Tottenham could well be remembered as the moment TMO's were demanded in football.

Of course there were many other incidents that had the football community pondering the rugby initiative but Carroll's "Save" in 2005 began the never ending clamor for technology.

There was Fulham's "Goal" in 2007 that was unfairly chalked off and countless penalty disputes, not to mention the many sending offs that managers have claimed were never a red or even a yellow. Managers have often shouted Blue Murder over decisions but when there is no way for them to see the moment again, they're left with no choice but to shout for their team.

This shouting usually leads to sending offs for the managers who join their players out of action and then face a massive fine. This all could be avoided by a simple thirty-second check.

What's the argument against this possible savior of football? The main one consists of slowing the game down. OK, since when have you seen the games of Rugby or Tennis brutally interrupted by a simple split second decision? It takes at maximum of one minute in rugby to come to a conclusion and only ten seconds in tennis.

Over the past two weekends there have been so many clear-cut mistakes where the intervention of a TMO could have spared a few blushes. Tim Cahill's red card, Everton's first goal against Hull, Ronaldo's penalty incident, the Wigan penalty, the Spurs penalty that never was, Christophe Samba's offside effort against Newcastle and of course Reading's "phantom goal."

I could go on and on.

There is a serious need for the introduction of television technology. It would save the governing body many appeals and tribunals and most of all, the embarrassment of having to constantly defend match officials.

Do you think there is a serious need for the introduction of television technology?