WWE Smackdown and Superstars Results in 310 Words, 3.11.3011 (Spoiler Alert)

Elliott SaltaresContributor IMarch 10, 2011


Bourne beats Dibiase with the SSP.

DiBiase and Maryse argued on their way to the ring.

Now commentators come out, so this may have been dark match.

Ryder w/ Primo over Kozlov w/ Santino & Tamina. Kozlov winning until Primo distracts, Ryder hits Rough Ryder for the win.

R-Truth does promo work of Taker's new Johnny Cash theme. Tried to get crowd to clap along to it.

Khali, Henry, & Natalya beat Regal, Kidd, & Melina. Bunch of tags,Kidd gets squashed by Khali.

Masters beats Reks, Masterlock.



Booker, Cole & Josh are the announcers. Booker gets huge.

Show opens with Edge challenging Del Rio to fight. Del Rio & Brodus come out. They beat on him, Christian makes save. They all fight until referees come. Long declares Tag main event tonight.

Kane beats defeats Wade via DQ as Corre attacks. Show comes with chair, makes save. Long comes changes match, Show & Kane vs. Barrett & Slater, rest of Corre banned. Match ends in a DQ, Show & Kane win as Corre come out anyway. Show and nails Ezekiel with chair as rest of Corre bolt.

Rhodes, in full suit, over JTG in quick match

Cole interviews Cena. They show clips from Miz attack on Raw. Cole rags on Cena. Swagger attacks Cena. Cena comes back and tosses Swagger out of ring. Cena now after Cole. He grabs Cole for Attitude Adjustment, Swagger saves Cole. Swagger gets an AA.

Another Sin Cara video.

Layla over Kaitlyn, LayCool worked her over after the match.

Mysterio with 619 over Drew McIntyre.

Mysterio accepts Rhodes' challenge for Mania.

HHH cuts promo, says will beat Taker @ 'Mania. Taker comes out. Stare down. HHH gives Taker DX crotch chop. Taker gives Triple H the throat slash and leaves.

Christian/Edge beat Del Rio/Brodus, Christian hit Tornado DDT followed by an Edge elbow for the pin.



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