Liverpool So Far: On Gerrard and Co.

Aaron DunnCorrespondent ISeptember 29, 2008

Let's have a go at this. Liverpool have had a nice start to their season, undefeated in all competitions. They have not even hit form yet.

The Numbers

7 wins, 3 draws, 0 losses

Gerrard and Torres lead the group with 3 goals apiece.

Major highlights

2-1 vs. Manchester United, without Torres, and only a short cameo from Gerrard

2-0 at Everton, with a brace from Torres


0-0 vs. Stoke. Gerrard's 100th Liverpool goal disallowed for no reason. Liverpool strongly out play Stoke.

Premier League

14 points - 4 wins, 2 draws, 0 losses

Tied 1st with Chelsea, but behind on goal differential.

Team form for Liverpool has been inconsistent at best, but of late they'vebeen able to pick it up enough to get some wins. Unlike previous teams, they got right back on the horse with a big victory after a very poor result. Of course I am talking about the Stoke match, and the victory at Everton this past Saturday.


Fernando Torres has been a little streaky so far. Robbie Keane hasn't scored.


Steven Gerrard is getting back to form, and Ryan Babel has been great. Jamie Carragher has been a rock and so has Skrtel. The back line has been solid. Pepe has been Pepe.

Best Player(so far)

Jamie Carragher. I'd love to say Gerrard, but every game it seems Carragher is a monster performer. Next time I write one of these reviews, it'll be Gerrard. His form is constantly getting better.


All in all, the Reds are very much competitive in the race for the title. They are winning games ugly, and winning games well. This team has a lot of grit. They play with a lot of passion and desire. They play like a team with a mission.