ACC Football Recap: Who Had the Worst Loss?

Jay SchrimpfCorrespondent ISeptember 29, 2008

This past Saturday in the ACC determined which teams have placed themselves in a hole.  Let's take a look at the biggest loser in the ACC this past week.

5. NC State got beat by 31 points to South Florida! 

Granted, the Bulls are the #13 ranked team in the nation, but 31 points? NC State had just come off a big victory over ECU, giving the #15 ranked Pirates their first loss of the season.  But, O'Brien still gets a pass because he is in his second year. 

4. Wake Forest loses to Navy. 

That is right, to Navy. The only reason this does not go higher is because it is a non-conference game and has no real importance on the season. Unless you believe Wake had a shot for the national title, this game was just embarrassing for a school, program and coach, and yes...........for the ACC it was a complete disaster.

3. Virginia's loss to Duke means the Groh will not make it through the season. 

Not only did the Cavs lose to Duke, they lost by 28 points! Virginia is a team in total disarray and the season is truly over. The only thing left to play for is the possiblitiy of upsetting Virginia Tech at the end of the season. 

2. Miami's lost to UNC was a shock. 

Miami, much like Clemson, allowed an inferior team to come from behind and win. But the Miami is still in control of its own destiny with a game against Virginia Tech looming.  But, the Canes must beat FSU this Saturday. If not, the Canes are in a deep well.

1. Clemson, by far, had the most disasterous loss of any ACC team this past Saturday. 

The loss puts Clemson at 1-1 in conference.  The Tigers now need Maryland to lose and no longer control their own destiny. 

All of this after just 2 conference games. 

Much like the Canes, allowing an inferior team to win, coming from behind late in the game and losing at home.  There were 28 suicides at Clemson after the game as people were hanging themselves from Memorial Stadium.