McLaren Boss Ron Dennis Wants European Night Races

Adam PooleAnalyst ISeptember 29, 2008

McLaren Boss Ron Dennis has said that he thinks Europe could benefit from the excitement of Formula One night racing.

With Singapore's success this weekend, Dennis believes that some European races should be turned to night races to up the ante of Formula One.

Dennis was quoted by Reuters, saying, "Everything has been proven now, and we can take this model and apply it to anywhere in the world, either to (broadcast) to Europe at a time when people watch it, or even within Europe to make it more spectacular."

The long-serving McLaren boss also said, "It is a really big step in the history of Grand Prix racing because it has been done so well.  It is not just a new experience."

Winning driver and two-time World Champion Fernando Alonso was also a fan of the night-life and said, "There will be many more to come, as I think the experience was great. We had no problems, and I think the people will enjoy more of this type of race."

Tell us your opinion.  Drop us a line in comments.  Do you think Europe could benefit from night races?  Did you like the atmosphere at Singapore?