Patriots Fans, We Aren't Out Of This Yet!

Alex PotterCorrespondent ISeptember 29, 2008

As of Sunday, almost one quarter of what looks to be the New England Patriots toughest regular season tests, is now behind us.

After the week one injury of Quarterback Tom Brady, that not only crippled him but the entire organization, Patriot fans must look to the future.

The AFC East surprise team, the Buffalo Bills, make the Patriots sit and look up to an unfamiliar place in the standings—third. Other division surprises in 2008 include the New York Jets acquisition of Brett Favre from the Green Bay Packers, and the departure of Jason Taylor from the Miami Dolphins.

The New England Patriots have been served their slice of humble pie in 2008, leading us fans to believe there is no chance. New England fans have seen their share of disappointment, as we all watched the last minute Super Bowl loss to the New York Giants.

When can we say, “We have had enough!” and just get back to the winning ways in Foxboro. The probability of the Pats winning the Super Bowl again in 2008 is just about impossible. That one chance, the belief from just even one fan, is what puts character in an underdog team led by a backup Quarterback.

Most people may have forgotten that Tom Brady went from zero to hero in 2001 when he came in after the Drew Bledsoe injury that put Brady on the map.

Let’s also not forget Tom Brady did not go 16-0 in his rookie season, he went 11-5 and just barely squeezed his way into a playoff birth.

Sure the Patriots won the Super Bowl in 2001, but that underdog story is the same one that is giving a Super Bowl dream to Matt Cassel and his 2008 squad.

The passing game and the powerhouse defensive game way have led us to championships in the past, but even if they do not this year, we can still believe.

Entering Sunday, no team is out of the playoffs just yet, there are 31 other hopes and dreams that are possible. How does our dream season play out any different?

As a New England Patriots fan and a Boston Red Sox fan, I know that belief is all we need to win.