The Vancouver Canucks Have Prospects?

Richard McDonaldContributor ISeptember 29, 2008

The 2008-09 NHL preseason has started out pretty well for the Vancouver Canucks, and not just on the score sheet.

Players are fighting for spots that wouldn't have been there last season and the majority of them that have a good chance at making the team are younger players such as Michael Grabner, Jannik Hansen, and, of course, Cody Hodgson (pictured), who could all have legitimate chances at making this team. And, more so than years past, that opportunity is there for the taking.

More exciting than seeing them scoring hat tricks and tearing it up on the scoreboard (which wouldn't be a terrible thing, either) is the maturity on the ice that not only Hodgson shows, but Grabner and Hansen do, too, and it seems that, for the first time, Canucks fans have reason to be optimistic about the players that are going to be in the system, and if they prove it, on the team.