Is There Such a Thing as a Demoralizing Win?

David-S SerdinakCorrespondent ISeptember 29, 2008

     I've been preaching for the dismissal of Romeo Crennel but unsure if a quarterback change would help the Browns. I'm no longer unsure of my opinion.

     The Browns won but it was still a terrible performance. Anderson faced a weak team who was without their starting quarterback. The Bengals turned it over 5 times and the Browns still produced only 20 points, in what was expected to be a "shoot-out".

     Like all Cleveland fans, I'll take the win since it sure beats the alternative, but I take no optimism into the week off. Look at the remainder of the schedule and ask yourself how that performance will stack up against the coming opponents. Ask yourself how it would have looked if Palmer had been healthy.

     It was obvious that the play-calling was designed to protect Anderson. I believe that the Brown's threw on first down one time the entire game. I can understand being conservative when you're thin at quarterback and your starter is all you have, but this isn't the case. Quinn's a first-round pick who's been given a ton of money. It's time to give him the job.

     Quinn may not be the answer; no one knows. What we do know is that Derek Anderson is not performing. He doesn't give this team "the best chance to win", the oft repeated phrase coaches use when determining a starter.

     It's obvious to me that Crennel has reservations about Quinn or he'd have been in by now. However, he's the coach who thought Frye was the man last year. We've watched Derek Anderson for the first quarter of the season.

     No one knows how Brady Quinn will play but it's time we find out.