Kevin Kolb Would Fit Seattle Seahawks If They Could Pay in 2012

Chris CluffCorrespondent IIMarch 8, 2011

PHILADELPHIA - OCTOBER 17:  Kevin Kolb #4 of the Philadelphia Eagles passes against the Atlanta Falcons during their game at Lincoln Financial Field on October 17, 2010 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
Al Bello/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks explored acquiring quarterback Kevin Kolb from the Philadelphia Eagles last year and word has emerged that they are interested again.

It would be great to get the 26-year-old, but we’ve already explained why the Seahawks can’t afford him this year: They need to beef up their offensive line and, already missing a third-rounder, can’t afford to give up too much from this draft.

However, it could be possible to get Kolb without giving up anything this year. If the year does not start until after the April 28-30 draft, the Seahawks could address their offensive line this year and then perhaps send next year’s first rounder to the Eagles.

It has been clear since 2009 that Kolb is the new Matt Schaub. Like Schaub was in Atlanta, Kolb is the best young QB in the NFL without a starting job. And like Schaub back in 2004-06, Kolb isn’t starting because he’s backing up Michael Vick.

The Falcons finally decided to move Schaub in 2007, when they traded him to Houston. And now it looks like it’s Kolb’s turn.

For Schaub, the Texans gave up two second-round picks (2007 and 2008) and swapped spots with Atlanta in the first round in 2007 (from eighth to 10th). According to the draft-pick value chart, that’s the equivalent of about the 20th or 21st pick in the first round.

The Seahawks could try to make a similar deal for Kolb, although the price figures to be a little higher simply because there are a lot of teams looking for starting quarterbacks this year.

The Seahawks reportedly asked the Eagles about Kolb last year, but it was obvious Andy Reid did not want to part with him. The Eagles reportedly were asking for at least two first-round picks, which was ridiculous.

With Vick named as their franchise player, the Eagles probably have to trade Kolb this year if they are going to get anything for him before he becomes a free agent next year.

The Seahawks might be willing to give up their first rounder this year and their second next year, but it would be much better if they could use a credit card for Kolb, trading their 2012 first rounder and third rounder. That way they could bolster their offensive line with the 25th-overall pick this year and add a quarterback in the same year.

Kolb and the Seahawks would be a good match because the Hawks are going to run almost the exact same offense Kolb has learned in Philadelphia.

Seattle coach Pete Carroll and general manager John Schneider have shown they aren’t afraid to gamble a bit; they acquired Charlie Whitehurst in 2010 for a swap of second rounders last year and a third rounder this year. So if a new CBA is struck soon, it wouldn’t be surprising to see them make a play for Kolb now.

But it would be much better if they could pay for him next year.