WWE NXT: Season Five, Roster News and Notes ... If You Still Care

Elliott SaltaresContributor IMarch 8, 2011

Much to our chagrin, tonight saw the return of WWE's NXT for yet another season.

What we will those who choose to watch via WWE.com be treated to?

A cast of former NXT losers !!!

This season's offering, titled NXT Redemption, will give a bunch of series castoffs a second chance to win this "prestigious" competition.

In this, its fifth season, NXT slightly tweaks the formula a bit with a small rule change that eliminates the benefit of immunity for the contestants.

This season sees six former NXT runners-up paired with the least remarkable set of WWE Pros to date.

Here are the pairs, Rookie followed by Pro:

Byron Saxton with Pro Yoshi Tatsu

Conor O'Brian with Pro Vladimir Kozlov

Darren Young with Pro Chavo Guerrero

Jacob Novak with Pro JTG

Lucky Cannon with Pro Tyson Kidd

Titus O'Neil with Pro Hornswoggle

Darren Young, former Nexus member, an NXT rookie? Hornswoggle, a character that doesn't even talk, let alone wrestle. a pro?

As the Miz would say "Really ... REALLY?"

Seems like they aren't even trying anymore.