Panthers Coach Ron Rivera Says 'Yes, Please' To Cam Newton on Auburn Pro Day

Cheyne HowellContributor IMarch 9, 2011

Rivera talking with Cam Newton on Auburn Pro Day
Rivera talking with Cam Newton on Auburn Pro Day

Cam Newton was all decked out in his official Under Armor gear waiting for his chance to shine at the Auburn pro day yesterday. For all the fans that tuned in yesterday on ESPN3, it was a long wait, four hours to be exact before Cam Newton even threw. That did not seem to matter to Panthers coach Ron Rivera. Throughout the long Auburn pro day, you could find coach Rivera talking and conversing with Newton.

Wherever Newton seemed to go throughout the day, the Panthers coach was not far behind, talking and joking with the Heisman winner. Rivera seemed really happy. Happy perhaps at the possibility that Newton will be his franchise quarterback come draft day.

Overall, Newton had a fantastic day, For the four hours that Cam Newton waited during the day, you could find him cheering his teammates on and fielding punts. He showed wonderful arm strength against a strong Auburn wind, and showed magnificent touch on his deep routes when the time finally came. Newton also threw extremely well on the out-routes he had trouble with at the Combine. Newton still has some work to do on his weight transfer while delivering from his five and seven-drop steps, but Newton showed great improvement over his lackluster combine effort.

Newton will certainly have more opportunities to show more flashes of greatness when he has his private workouts with the Panthers later this month, but from the looks of it, it certainly looks like Rivera will have no problem with having Newton as his "Quarterback of the Future."