Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade's Real Secret Weapon: Be Like Mike

Pat Mixon@patmixonSenior Analyst IMarch 9, 2011

Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade's Real Secret Weapon: Be Like Mike

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    As Los Angeles Laker Kobe Bryant and Miami Heat Dwyane Wade get ready to battle each other this Thursday night in Miami, both players have a secret weapon in their arsenal that they don’t want you to know about. 

    And, other NBA players like Gilbert Arenas of the Orlando Magic, Andre Iguodala of the Philadelphia 76ers, Caron Butler of the Dallas Mavericks and many more attribute their success to this same source.

    What is their secret weapon? Tim Grover and Attack Athletics.

    For diehard NBA followers, and Chicago Bulls fans in particular, Tim Grover might be a name you recognize. That’s because he was the personal trainer for Michael Jordan during his Bull’s years.

    But while MJ retired, Grover only got bigger and better. He’s helped players take their game to levels even they didn’t dream. And, Grover has helped repair careers and assisted players in mounting comebacks from what used to be considered career-ending injuries.

    So, what’s Grover’s secret method?

    It’s a combination of science and sweat.

    Check out these next slides with videos and I’ll take you through both Grover’s background, training philosophies, and some of his more famous NBA clients.

Tim Grover

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    Grover with D-Wade

    Tim Grover’s company, Attack Athletics, is more than just weight and treatment rooms. His staff includes not just trainers but scouts, player development personnel, and strategists.

    And, Attack Athletics's client list reads like a Who's Who of not only NBA Pros but other sports as well. 

    During the 1990's in Chicago, Grover burst on the national scene because Michael Jordan needed to get stronger, faster, and fitter and he turned to Tim Grover and the Attack Athletics training philosophy. 

    But what started with MJ now has turned into a domination machine and secret weapon. Grover gives players the edge they seek. 

    Here's some of his more famous and high profile NBA star clients.

Kobe Bryant

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    Kobe with Grover

    Like MJ, Kobe Bryant turned to Tim Grover to improve both his body and his game. But Kobe took it to another level. 

    Kobe had Grover and some of his staff travel with him during the season. But Kobe also employed another of Grover’s secrets: A Personal advance scout named Mike Procopio.

    Kobe used Procopio to prepare personal scouting reports on the players Kobe would face, especially in the playoffs.

    This was never more the case than in the 2010 NBA Finals. After the Lakers’ game seven victory, Kobe even spoke about the impact Procopio had on his preparation. 

    Here’s what Kobe said. Starts at the 2:15 mark.


    And, to get a glimpse into the Scouting Reports, check out this video from Attack Athletics Scouting Department:


Dwyane Wade

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    But Kobe’s not the only top player to use Grover.

    Dwyane Wade and Gilbert Arenas sought out Attack Athletics after both players experienced career threatening knee injuries.

    Because of Grover, Wade feels he took his career to the next level following his 2007 knee injury. He worked hard in his hometown Chicago with Grover, rebuilding his body and ultimately, his game. 

    And the weight training, conditioning, and Grover’s personal love of plyometrics, took D-Wade’s game beyond.

    Check out this video:


Gilbert Arenas

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    Want to know what players really think about the value Grover can provide?

    Well, Gilbert Arenas can tell you better than I.

    He claims Grover “saved my career.” Here’s Arenas and what he said:


Attack Athletics

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    So, as you can see, success is not just talent alone. The list of talented players who never made a career in the NBA could circle the earth. The league is full of individuals who possessed super talents, super skills but failed to make it or stay in the NBA. It is not surprising.

    Sure, players could get by on talent alone in high school. The superior talented ones even slipped by in college. While they found success and were coddled, this actually was there undoing.  They had the wrong attitude. Their success really wasn’t a result of a work ethic or an approach but relied solely on talent.

    The NBA has too many players that have both talent and a work ethic. If you only have one, you can’t compete. You must have both. 

    Now you can see why Tim Grover is the best of the best’s secret weapon. His company literally is what it claims: The Place Pros Come to Train.




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