Ramos Setting His Sights Too High

Chris PotterCorrespondent ISeptember 28, 2008

I am an ardent Spurs fan and, as such, the team's start to the current season comes as another bitter disappointment.

Today's performance was not actually as bad as the scoreline may sound—a 2-0 loss to a Porstmouth side that had concede 10 in their last two games.

Spurs had a lot of possession of the ball as in their other matches. They also squandered this possession frequently...as in their other matches.

Lots of Ramos' problems are largely transfer-related and it is painfully clear that Tottenham are in need of a proven Premier League goalscorer to start alongside Darren Bent. There is no leader on the pitch, no ball-winner, and and no decent cover at left-back or in central defence.

This all adds up to a very big headache for the Spaniard. He needs some fast relief, and it does not seem forthcoming.

While playing fast-flowing, compact 4-3-3 football is an exciting concept, it requires understanding and a lot of trust between all of the players.

The front players need to be able to attack and take risks in the knowledge that they have expert cover in case of loss of possession. Tottenham's offensive players do not have that assurance at the moment.

Luxury players such as Giovani and Lennon are only effective if they are supported by quality, intelligent holding midfield players. Modric is one such player, but will need time to adapt.

If the Tottenham management had adressed the imbalance in their squad, if they had sold and replaced their former strikers and bedded in their new acquisitions three months ago, they may be sitting pretty near the top of the league. They did none of the above - and are paying a heavy price for their misgivings.

It all smacks of thoughtless and careless planning, and it may well get the club into very deep trouble.