Tiki Barber To Come Out of Retirement

James KeenContributor IIMarch 8, 2011

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - OCTOBER 03:  Former New York Giants Tiki Barber is inducted into the Giants �Ring of Honor� during halftime of a game between the Chicago Bears and the New York Giants at New Meadowlands Stadium on October 3, 2010 in East Rutherford, New Jersey.  (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)
Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Yes, it is true: Tiki Barber is going to try to carry the torch for an NFL team once again.

This time, it will be more like a "tiki torch," but I don't see a team with any use for a 35-year-old running back. Barber was indeed good in his prime and despite fumbling issues, seemed to produce every season.

Tiki Barber retired after the 2006 season to seek his dreams of becoming an NFL analyst. Many questioned his retirement at the time, as he seemed to still have a couple of years left under his belt. In his final season, Barber wasn't exactly a broken-down veteran going through the paces. He finished the 2006 season with 1,662 rushing yards (fourth in the NFL) and a 5.1 yards per carry rushing average (tied for third).

Now, after failing as a TV personality, Barber wants back in. I highly doubt that the New York Giants will give him a shot, though, considering the vitriol Giants fans have expressed towards their former RB over the past few years.

In short, it's a compelling story at first glance. But in the end, I doubt he finds a job.