Tailgating Gestapo Gone Bonkers at Notre Dame

The Rock NDNation.comSenior Analyst ISeptember 28, 2008

Reports from the front lines on the wacky crackdowns on tailgating. Have the authorities lost their minds? This picture was taken by one of our posters.

Could they look any more ridiculous?

I propose we videotape them back. All students and alumni should have their cell phone cameras and video cameras out next week on the Barney Fifes run amuck, send them to us and we'll edit them together and YouTube it for all of NDNation to see and judge. It'll be popular around the country, we know that.

This is just nuts and out of hand. Someone has to bring reason and perspective back. This "A-Team" approach is ludicrous.

"They had the video cameras out yesterday for some reason, perhaps to try to effect retrospective disciplinary action? I'm not sure. When he asked why I was taking a picture of them as they were filming our tailgate's license plate, I replied that it was only because they were filming us. They left shortly thereafter, but they may have been done wasting taxpayer money in that particular area, anyway."

Read this story:

"I am going to speak with an attorney on Monday, but right now the situation is the result of me mocking the fact we have mounted tailgating horses. That basically then resulted in a "what did you say to me?" type of situation, in which the mounted cop charged me with his horse, knocking me to the ground. I get up with a resounding "WTF?" and from that point on I was "in the system." Get on the ground, NDSP called in, St. Joe drunk tank, and we'll see what comes next."

And this one:

"My buddy's girlfriend tailgated with us before the game. Was drinking Diet Coke up until about 1 p.m. Had some beers after that, but nothing crazy. She tripped walking into the stadium and the ushers asked her and her boyfriend if they had been drinking.

"They replied that they had been, but were not intoxicated. The usher said they could stay if security could determine they were not intoxicated.

"My buddy kept asking what would determine sobriety and the ushers continually responded that they couldn't tell him that, i.e. no breathalyzer result would guarantee they wouldn't get in trouble. My buddy and his girlfriend went to the security office and his girlfriend ended up spending the night in jail.

"My buddy said they could have left the stadium and not went to the security office but wanted to stay and watch the game, so they agreed to go. After failing whatever test security provided they weren't asked to leave, instead they threw the girl in jail.

"There are always two sides to every story but she was not publicly intoxicated. This is very scary because it appears that ND could selectively enforce this and probably arrest 40,000 every game if they wanted to.

Unbelievable. The University needs to take a look in the mirror and stop acting like this."

And this one from in the game:

"Early-ish in the game, a friend (a graduate student who doesn't drink anything beyond wine transubstantiated into the Blood of Christ) was standing in the student section and lost his balance on the impossibly-narrow benches.

He had to step backwards onto the concrete in the row behind...just as probably every student does several times every week. Unfortunately for him, he happened to be on the outside of a row just as an usher was walking down it.

The usher, seeing his uncoordinated step, approached him and demanded his ticket book. Confused, the guy complied, and was asked if he'd been drinking.

When he answered (rather incredulously, and apparently without bowing first) "no, I just lost my balance" the response was "bullshit" and he was taken down to the security office.

He was run through several sobriety tests (just like you'd see when a cop pulls over a potentially drunk driver), and then was breathalyzed. Seeing as he was telling the truth that he hadn't been drinking, he blew a .000.

Frustrated at having been harassed, he asked the security people for the usher's name, and was told to mind his own business and "get your ass back to your seat before we throw you out anyway" (that's an exact quote of his words, I can't swear whether it's a direct quotation or a paraphrase).

He got back just in time for halftime ... having missed almost the entire first half."