BCS Championship Fallout: An OSU Fan Beats Depression

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BCS Championship Fallout: An OSU Fan Beats Depression
I am finally able to get out of bed and function through an entire workday without thinking about the OSU vs. LSU game. I am optimistic about the future of the Buckeyes and think we should not hang our heads in shame and point fingers, but instead think to how bright the future looks. I know all the media is against us and think we have no athletes and we are slow. I look at it like this LSU was a fantastic team playing in a home game with a senior driven team. Tough for anyone to accomplish that mission. I might be in the minority, but you will not convince me anyone else would have faired any better. I was in the Superdome for the game and the LSU fans were great and made it tough on us. Not to mention the way we shot ourselves in the foot time and time again. I can tell you maybe Ohio State is not as bad as everyone thinks, maybe it is that they are playing incredibly gifted teams with great talent. Not that we don't have talent, but there can only be only one champion. I am very proud of the Buckeyes, and think we will see more Championships in the future. For all of you Buckeyes willing to turn against Tressel and the boys, I can only tell you, search far and wide and you will not find another coach who will take you to 3 National Championships in 6 years. You are all spoiled and whine too much. Suck it up Buckeyes, and be proud of what you have. I have talked to many LSU fans who now understand the Buckeye Nation and how much football means to us. I think the LSU players and fans carried themselves with class and dignity, and came away from that game with a better respect for our team and our fans,as we did theirs. I am looking forward to what we have going into 2008. If you watched Beanie and that stiff arm you know why I am so excited. It was Florida's turn last year and LSU this year. We had our time and it will come again so be patient, the future looks positive and if we stay behind our team and players we will be just fine. I pose this to all true Buckeye fans, get out of bed tomorrow morning and put the 2007 season behind you. We weren't even supposed to be that great this year and look what Tressel gave us. I see we are spoiled by our own success. And as for the SEC, give them credit maybe if we took the chip off our shoulder we might be able to relax and win against these guys. I know from my experience with the fans of LSU they are just as passionate as we are and I think this game in New Orleans, and having the Buckeye Nation show up there,  gave the SEC fans a new appreciation for us, and us for them. I can tell you one thing for certain, the Florida fans and players could definitely take a note from the fans of LSU about how to conduct yourself. I also think we should remember that LSU was a team of destiny, not far different from us in 2002. Hurricane Katrina, the injuries, the two losses, the coaching debacle, and finally getting to the Championship in their hometown. C'mon Buckeyes we are better than all of this whining and crying everyone knows we are a great football team now we just need to realize what we have and shut our mouths and play some football. Congratulations to you LSU, you treated myself and the Buckeye Nation with great respect. I hope you came away with a better appreciation for the Buckeyes and the Big 10 as we did for you and your Conference. Don't think you won't see us again though!

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